Celtic T-Shirts

Love Celtic music? Show your Celtic colors with your very own Celtic T-Shirt. Featuring some of the coolest designs for Celtic music lovers.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast 2016 T-Shirt

ICMP2016_white ICMP 2016 T-Shirt Forest Green ICMP 2016 T-Shirt Kiwi Green

We're gonna take a step forward into the Emerald Isle with a shamrock and the 2016 Irish & Celtic Music Podcast T-Shirt. Celebrate your love of Ireland and the podcast with this new shirt in two different colors: Forest Green (darker) or Kiwi Green (lighter). Each order helps to keep the podcast running. Plus, I'll also send you a free digital download of the latest album of “17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day” that I release each and every year.

Make a donation of $25 or more to get your shirt



Kilted For Her Pleasure

"Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-Shirt

Why do so many people love kilts so much? There are many compelling reasons to wear a kilt as a man. That's why this is our best-selling t-shirt. It is every kilt-wearer's dream.

Show others how much you love wearing your kilts with this black shirt combined with the stunning plaid word “kilted”.

Get a Kilted For Her Pleasure bumper sticker when you buy this shirt.

$25.00 for Kilted for Her Pleasure T-Shirt


Kilted Kings

We wear kilts and want to treat you like royalty with the beautiful Kilted Kings logo imprinted on tan shirts. They will make you want to sing, dance, and smile!


$25 Kilted Kings Shirt