Celtic T-Shirts

Love Celtic music? Show your Celtic colors with your very own Celtic T-Shirt. Featuring some of the coolest designs for Celtic music lovers.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast 2015 Shirt


Celebrate your love of Celtic music with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast’s 2015 shirt. When you buy a podcast t-shirt, not only will you shout your love of all things Celtic with this awesome shirt design by James McDaniel’s II of Celtophilia. But you will also financially support the podcast with your kind donation, and I’ll send you a free digital download of a Song Henge album from 2014.

$40 T-Shirt


Kilted For Her Pleasure

"Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-Shirt

Why do so many people love kilts so much? There are many compelling reasons to wear a kilt as a man. That’s why this is our best-selling t-shirt. It is every kilt-wearer’s dream.

Show others how much you love wearing your kilts with this black shirt combined with the stunning plaid word “kilted”.

Get a Kilted For Her Pleasure bumper sticker when you buy this shirt.

$25.00 for Kilted for Her Pleasure T-Shirt