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Celtic Heart Strings

Each of these incredible pendants are made from the bring strings of my heart... I mean autoharp.

Click the image below to see what Celtic Heart Strings are currently available.

Broken #Autoharp string #3 of the day. On the bright side, I'm making some pretty pendants. #wireart #butterfly #pendant

I break a lot of autoharp strings. I play the instrument hard and outside int he elements. I broke 21 in one weekend because of the high humidity and how hard I play the instrument. That was one expensive weekend. Each string costs me between $3-4. I wanted to find a way to not-only recoup the cost of these broken strings, but to recycle them and do some good in the world...

That's why I began creating Celtic Heart Strings. These Celtic knot pendants are beautifully hand-designed into beautiful shapes. They are unique pieces of art and each one is 100% unique.

Due to the varied nature, when you order one, it will be randomly chosen, though you can decide if you want a bronze colored one or a silver pendant with your necklace?

Oh! And best of all, when you buy a necklace, you help me cover the cost of my broken autoharp strings!