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Autoharp String Bracelet

I've broken a lot of autoharp strings over the years.  I'm not proud of it, but it's what I do.  I play the instrument hard.  I also play it a lot in the elements.  There's nothing like high humidity and hard autoharp-playing to breaking lots of strings.  My record: 21 on in one weekend.  Yes, the autoharp has only 36.  That was one expensive weekend.

A few weeks into the Georgia Renaissance Festival, we had some rain days.  I try to be good to the instrument when it rains.  I play soft.  I don't care if the instrument can be heard.  I don't want to break strings.  It costs me about $4 per string that breaks.

My autoharp swelled that rain day.  I barely touched it and pop!  Pop!  That was before my first show.  I didn't bring enough strings.  I was doomed.

Fortunately, Patty was in the audience rejoicing with each broken string.  I've had a lot Gunn Runners grab my broken strings, wrap them up and wear them on their wrist.  At one point, I even found a woman who turned the broken strings into Celtic knot pendants.  They were awesome.  But she disappeared off the face of the planet.  I tried replicating them with no success.  Eventually, I gave up.

Patty left that weekend with a handful of broken strings.  She came back the following weekend with the pokey bits covered and pretty beads laced about them.  They looked pretty… We sold our first one that weekend.

Now I'm happy (and hopeful) to offer autoharp string bracelets.  Yes, you can wear my G-String around your wrist.  It's pretty and it's for a good cause… you will help me recoup the money I lose while providing you lots of fun musical entertainment. PLUS, you'll also get a piece of live performance art! If you're really lucky, I may even be able to tell you what I was playing at the time… But don't hold your breath.

I'm now selling them. Each is a unique piece of art designed by myself an Patty.


Autoharp String Pendant Necklace

I break a lot of autoharp strings. I always felt it was a shame I couldn't do anything with the broken strings. Now I am turning these broken strings into pendants for necklaces. Each pendant is 100% unique. Most are butterfly shaped, but they shapes will vary. Here are some examples of past pendants.

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Due to the varied nature, when you order one, it will be randomly chosen, though you can decide if you want a bronze colored one or a silver pendant with your necklace?

Oh! And best of all, when you buy a necklace, you help me cover the cost of my broken autoharp strings!