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The Hobbit drinking songs for fans The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

There you are at the Sign of the Prancing Pony in Bree, when you hear the sounds of rollicking song inside. You push open the heavy oak door to see small hobbits dancing on the bar, spilling beer and singing at the top of their lungs.

Little did you know that there are scores of great hobbit drinking songs. Marc Gunn, The Celtfather, met up with Daisy Brambleburr of Bindbale Wood (aka Rie Sheridan Rose) in Hobbiton to discuss and share the drinking songs of the hobbits. He came back with a plethora of great hobbit songs and tunes to share in his newest album, Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits.




  1. A Working in the Garden
  2. Scouring the Shire
  3. Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits
  4. Elves
  5. The Ring of Hope
  6. Prancing Pony
  7. Said the Horse to the Hobbit
  8. Let's Get Drunk Tonite
  9. Everybody Needs a Drinking Song
  10. Rose
  11. We'll Have a Pint of Stout
  12. The Shire Polkas
  13. A Well-Dressed Hobbit
  14. Hobbit Birthday Song
  15. Bilbo's Farewell
  16. Wildflowers of Party Field
  17. Cat and Rat
  18. Do You Fancy a Drink?
  19. The Hobbit Journey Home
  20. Raise a Glass in Parting

Many thanks to the following musicians who helped make this CD happen: Samantha Gillogly, Jamie Haeuser, Bethany McLyrJimmy Rimmer, Jake Weller of Brigands' FolieAlex Boyd TheLoneGunman, Floyd Brigdon of TriskelionTerry GriffithLaurent Leemans, Jon Richardson and Daniel I. Briggs of Dogs in Doublets, Dene Foye of Ghost of a Rose, and Matthew Hughes.

About the Album

Three years ago, the Brobdingnagian Bards were invited to perform at the first A Long Expected Party where they celebrated a reenactment of Bilbo Baggins' birthday party. It was an amazing event, a weekend of high adventure, stories, songs, legends, languages, art, and more.

Now, the same folks who brought us that bring us There & Back Again for another weekend of Tolkien bliss. Once again, Marc Gunn will be there to perform.

It was the first party that inspired the idea this album of hobbit drinking songs. Gunn loves Lord of the Rings. It is one of the reasons the Brobdingnagian Bards recorded Memories of Middle Earth. While Memories of Middle Earth featured music inspired by Lord of the Rings, this album also shares Marc Gunn's love of drinking songs and fun songs with which you can sing-along.

With this album, Gunn asked the question, what kind of songs might the hobbits sing in a pub in The Shire?

Together with many lyrics by Rie Sheridan Rose, Gunn composed music from the hobbit's perspective. Most of the songs you might hear in a pub. It's music for people… with character, heart, and passion. It's music for the olde times and new. It's music for me and you. It's music for hobbits and those who love them.

Fan Funding Hobbit CDs – Sponsored by YOU!

This album was totally fan funded. Thanks to your generosity I was able to pay for all the additional costs associated with releasing an album BEFORE I even released it. Thanks so much to the following for their overwhelming generosity.

Executive Producers/Mayors of the Shire:

  • Michael and Nicole Fox

Bilbo's Bestest Friends:

  1. Cary Whitney
  2. Steve & Tammy Glover

Guardians of the Shire:

  1. Ruth Acoya
  2. Douglas Dunklin
  3. Rachael Goodman
  4. Marshall Latterell
  5. Benjamin Rodriguez – Peter Is the Wolf webcomic
  6. Kris Dobie

Hobbit Patrons of the Shire:

  1. Janis Czenkusch
  2. Jo Lynne Navarre
  3. Rie Sheridan Rose
  4. Lord Aldwyn
  5. Patricia Hunsucker
  6. Craig Wallerstein
  7. Filkferengi
  8. Craig Swanson
  9. French Creek Press
  10. Sheryl Riley
  11. Iain Benson
  12. Benjamin Rodriguez
  13. Jeffrey Peterson
  14. Amy Nesbitt
  15. William Cornette
  16. Bernadette Crumb
  17. Elizabeth Shelton
  18. Pati Roberson
  19. Alexey Pchelintsev
  20. Kristin Fiore
  21. David Bowers
  22. Wayne Garmil
  23. Jean Prior
  24. Barbara Slough


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