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The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is a twice monthly radio show of indie Celtic music.  It has twice won Best Music Podcast in the People's Choice Podcast Awards.  It was featured on iTunes and regularly receives over 20,000 downloads of each show.  All sales help to keep the podcast going strong.

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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast


Celebrate your love of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast with one of our t-shirts, presented by the Celtophilia Tee Company. Each shirt is hand-printed on a black shirt. Free podcast sticker with your order, plus, you'll get a free sample edition of Song Henge.

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"Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-Shirt

Are you man enough to wear a kilt?! Prove it. Don your kilt and strut down the streets letting your flag blow in the wind while wearing your very own “Kilted For Her Pleasure” t-shirt.

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Celtic Compilation CDs

A Celtic Christmas (2013)

Various Artists - A Celtic ChristmasA warm fire glows in the hearth of Celtic culture with this warm compilation CD of Celtic Christmas music. Celebrate the holidays with A Celtic Christmas, featuring a mix of traditional and original songs and tunes about Christmas by indie Celtic bands.

All these artists were hand-selected for outstanding music by the award-winning downloadable radio show, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It is the largest Celtic podcast in the world and the #1 promoter of indie Celtic music.

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Tracks: “Galician Carol” by Mithril, “Hunting the Wren” by Heather Dale, “Gloucestershire Wassail” by John McGaha, “(Without You On) Christmas Day” by George Papavgeris, “Cold Frosty Morning” by Tom Morley, “Banjos We Have Heard on High” by Jed Marum, “Christmas Day” by The Elders, “Christmas in Scotland” by Marc Gunn, “Irish Holiday” by The Gleasons, “Yule Log and Holly Berries” by Rathkeltair, “The Holy and the Ivy” by Pandora Celtica, “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In/Three Little Boats Went Out to Sea/Christmas Day Isa Moarnin/Christmas Eve Reel” by Iona, “Christmas in Pittsburgh 1943” by Jim O'Connor, “Bog Down in Christmas” by Brobdingnagian Bards, “We're All Home for Christmas” by The Malarkeys, “Christmas Waltz” by The Brigands' Folie, “Silent Night” by The Gothard Sisters


Irish & Celtic Music (2012)

album  coverChart-topping Irish Celtic music beyond imagination and set aflame through the inspiration and fusion of past and present Ireland.

The tunes on this album are by two of most-popular traditional Celtic groups on the podcast. They are also two of Marc Gunn's very favorite indie Celtic bands–FIMM and Poitin.

FIMM is a brilliant all-female quartet Celtic group from Rome, Italy. The music hails from their debut EP “Rose in the Heather” as well as their incredible album “Rooibos & Disappunti”.

Poitin is an award-winning Celtic group from the Czech Republic. They dominate the Celtic Radio internet charts with their amazing traditional (and sometimes not-so-traditional) sound. Tunes featured below come from their albums: Poitin, Hot Days, and Bofiguifluki (Celtic Radio Album of the Year 2010).

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Tracks: Irish Music Set, Spring Frolics, March Flowers, Irish Reels, Paddy's Irish Jigs, Altan Sisters, Doherty's Irish Fire, Head in the Clouds, St. Patrick's Day Polkas , Turlough O'Carolan, Celtic Wedding Reels, Memories of Ireland, Old Irish Woman Set, The Humors of Irish Music.


Best of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast (2009)

album  coverIt is truly amazing the amount of GREAT music that is submitted to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast every day. We’re talking world-class musicians, many of whom don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. That’s why I started creating compilation CDs. I wanted to showcase some of these amazing artists in ways that they might not be able to do on their own.

This compilation is a lot like listening to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. It features an exciting mix of some of the coolest independent Celtic groups out there.

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Tracks: Sweeney’s Buttermilk by FIMM, The Whiskey Never Lies by Sligo Rags, The Girls Set by Banshee in the Kitchen, Star of the County Down by Jed Marum with Hugh Morrison and Mason Brown, Hot Days by Poitin, Chi Mi Na Morbheanna/Sleepy Maggie by MacTalla Mor, Almost Irish by Ceann, Considine’s Grove by Anne Roos, Boys Of Tandragee/Tuesday Morning/Checkered Blanket by Athas, Ye Jacobites By Name by Beth Patterson, Loch Lomond by Jesse Ferguson, The Mason’s Apron by Rattle the Boards, Jig Jag by Jamie Laval and Ashley Broder, Rocks of Bawn by Maidens IV, Auld Triangle by Patrick’s Head, Ormond Sound/Liberty Joe’s/Broken by Pitch the Peat, Wild Mountain Thyme by Marc Gunn.


Victims of Irish Music (2007)

Victims of Irish MusicInstrumental Irish & Celtic Music from the Best Independent Celtic Bands

Born from the struggle to keep acoustic Irish music alive and relevant, “Victims of Irish Music” gathers the finest independent Celtic musicians who are winning the fight to keep instrumental Irish and Celtic music as vibrant and meaningful as it was when musicians in Ireland were victimized for their love of music.

This album includes a wide range of acoustic instrumental music. It is not all traditional, but it is an exciting glimpse at how 21st century independent Celtic musicians are keeping tabs on their cultural heritage. It covers a wide range of musical styles by bands who refuse to allow their heritage to be victimized.

If you are love your Irish heritage, you can show your love of it with this captivating and energizing compilation of amazing music.

A portion of the money earned from this compilation benefits the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Another portion benefits a non-profit Celtic organization (TBA). But all of it supports the heart of our Irish heritage.

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Tracks: Cooley's Set (Reels: Cooley's Reel/Sporting Paddy/Toss The Feathers) by Wild Clover Band, Sleeping Under The Tables Set by Kennedy's Kitchen, Lannigan's Ball/Rambling Pitchfork/Tar Road Sligo by Cady Finlayson, Staten Island Hornpipe/Morpeth Rant by The Jolly Rogues, The Gneeveguilla Reel/Drag her Round the Road/The Golden Keyboard by Arabesque, The Boys from Blue Hill/Cherish the Ladies by Bow Triplets, Princess Royale by Thomas “Doc Grauzer, Chicago Trippin up the Stairs by Boston Blackthorne, Rocky Road to Brenham by Celtic Stone, Geordie Lad by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Old Grey Cat by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, Congress Reel by Poitin, The Road to Lisdonvarna/Morrison's Jig by Vince Conaway, Polkas and Slides by The Tea Merchants, Banks of Spey/High Road to Linton by Highland Fling, Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap/Newcastle by Bedlam Bards, The Skylark/Humours of Tulla/Lucy Campbell's by Culann's Hounds.


The Secret World of Celtic Rock (2005)

Secret World of Celtic RockExperience the best in Celtic Rock!

Two years ago I had an exciting idea to release a Celtic Rock CD. Man, I’ve outdone myself! No. I take that back. It’s not me. All I did was compile some of the best independent Celtic Rock bands around and organize them onto a CD. The result is destined to be a hit CD among contemporary and traditional Celtic music lovers alike–”The Secret World of Celtic Rock.”

Yes, it’s taken a long time to pick some amazing tracks, mix and match them, and try to have a common theme. I found some brilliant bands in the process. The CD is not yet completely finalized, but I couldn’t help but get the word out now since I hope to have the CD out by St. Patrick’s Day.

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Tracks: Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale, Moore St. Girls by The Elders, In Like Flynn by The Indulgers, Cold Glencoe by Rise, Johnny Jump Up/Swallow Tail Jig by Amadan, Slip Me 5 by Brothers 3, San Patricio Brigade by Black 47, Nothin' by Lenahan, The Grass Is Greener by The Electrics, Day After Day by Tears for Beers, Sovay/Halting March by Paisley Close, My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose by Rimbo (w/Marc Gunn), The Chieri by Avalon Rising, Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda by RavensWing, Erin Go Bragh by Jayah, The Day We Set Sail by Tale | Theo Niessink, The Great Whale Road by Fathom, A Soulin by Arminta, Groovy Scooby by The Rogues.