Sainted Membership

I started Song Henge for two reasons. First, I wanted a means to help cover the growing costs of producing and promoting the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. And second, I wanted a way for YOU to show your appreciation of the show, to actively support the podcast.

You see, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast relies on your generosity to keep the show running. It would be awesome if I could produce the show on a weekly basis and I had a huge budget to get the word out around the world about the show. Sadly, I don't have the resources.

It Is Expensive to Run This Podcast

Here are some the monthly expenses associated with running this podcast:

  • Website hosting $250 per month
  • MP3 Hosting $30 per month
  • Mailing list $80 per month
  • High-speed internet $100 per month

Total =  $460 per month

Plus, there are numerous miscellaneous expenses I must hire on a nearly monthly basis, including:

  • Web designers
  • Computer repair
  • Graphic designer
  • WordPress technician
  • Business card printing
  • Sticker printing
  • Banners for festivals
  • Minimal online advertising

Average cost per month $270 in 2013.

As you can see, it starts to add up. That's over $730 per month to run this show. That's about $7,800 per year!!!

I rely on you to tell your friends about this show. I release new episodes as I am able to do, every couple weeks or so. The rest of the time, I struggle to make a living as an indie Celtic musician with a family to support. It's for that reason, I need Your help.

Your Gifts for Being a Saint

Your membership to Song Henge is a blessing to me. As a Sainted Patron of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, you are a my special sponsors. You’ll get the following great benefits.

  • Free Sticker
  • Song Henge Mailing List Subscription
  • One new album of Celtic MP3s every month in your email
  • Download one Celtic compilation CD
  • Access up to two years of past Song Henge albums (24 albums, over 300 songs)


  • Zip File to easily download all the past Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Shows
  • Zip File to easily download the St. Patrick’s Day Podcast
  • Zip File to easily download all the past Marc Gunn’s Pub Songs Podcast
  • Live MP3 concert recordings by Marc Gunn

Plus… When you become a Sainted Patron, you support both the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and Marc Gunn’s music. You’ll get these awesome bonus gifts and services:

  • Have your name listed on the Celtic Music Wall of Saints for your generous contribution.
  • Your own customized business cards to promote the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and Marc Gunn’s music with Free MP3 downloads
  • The latest collection of Marc Gunn and Celtic Podcast stickers
  • Your exclusive, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast coffee mug
  • Some surprise Celtic Gifts
  • Your generosity knows no bounds. You are truly a Saint and one of my most-valued supporters.

Special note: Your gifts will typically be mailed out in June each year though it may vary.

What you do get is the warm knowledge that you are supporting a worthwhile podcast that is dedicated to the promotion of Celtic music and culture. You are keeping this show alive and vibrant.

You're also helping to promote dozens of independent Celtic bands who don't have the money to actively promote their music. I've had dozens of Celtic musicians email me to tell me that they sold more music and that gained new fans. This podcast really works!

I am ecstatic to have your kind and generous support.


$1200 Sainted Patron - Lifetime Membership +