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Become a PatronThank you for being a part of my podcast family. I am thrilled with your overwhelming support.  I started the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast in July 2005. In no time flat, it became THE podcast for Celtic music. It earns well-over 20,000-60,000 downloads of each show and has hundreds of reviews on podcatchers for being a high-quality show. It was even twice voted Best Podsafe Music Podcast in the Podcast Awards for two years in a row.

It’s my baby. And I love it! Celtic music is a great thing. I love being able to share my love of this great music with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. However, music is also my profession. I am a full-time musician and podcaster. So I rely on Your generous contributions to help me continue my trade.

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Become a Patron of the Podcast

Become a Patron of the Podcast!

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I've been listening to the podcast and a member of Songhenge for several years. The podcast is terrific. I really enjoy the variety and the fact that it is mostly music. A couple of years ago, I was doing some minor work on the house (painting, landscaping, etc.), and the podcast was the perfect accompaniment. Now I still enjoy it, but without the work! Regards, Larry Rosenblum, Sunnyvale, CA

I'm a grad student with sheep grazing studies. I listen while studying, while walking to class, while driving, while collecting data, and while doing nothing on the weekend. I have been caught singing to the sheep. E Snyder

I started to listen to the podcast a few years ago. I found it while looking for things to listen to on my iPod. Now I can't Nor want to stop listening to it. I live about twenty minutes away from work. So I walk a lot and listen to the podcast. I really don't like to stop it when I get to work. I even tend to walk the long way home so I can listen to the rest before I go in. I go to the beach just to relax. Your podcast makes it much more relaxing while I watch the waves or just walk the pier. I look forward to all the news and new music out there. Thanks Dale

Three days a week I bike to the school where I teach. During the 45 minutes I spend biking, I listen to the mp3s from Song Henge in one ear though, otherwise I wouldn't hear the traffic. Sometimes I get weird looks from other traffic users. Must be because I'm singing along. Raven

I listen when traveling.  I started with cross country flights for work. Six hours in coach can drive anyone crazy.  Having good music makes it much more enjoyable.  I have even gotten a couple of converts.  They couldn't believe I could listen for six hours and keep tapping my foot. McLeod

Just joined Song Henge after listening to the Podcasts for awhile. It is just about the only thing I listen to now on my iPod in the car or at work!  I just had a co-worker peak over the cubicle wall and ask what I was listening to because he liked what he was hearing — score another one for Marc! I sent him the URL links and he was going to look into the Podcast and Song Henge. Thanks for all the work. Bill Dickinson, Hagerstown MD

I've been listening to the podcast for quite awhile, and joined Song Henge to support the incredible work Marc does to bring these artists to the public. The podcast is an easily accessible way to find new Celtic artists. It's great to recommend to those who want to get into Celtic music, and Song Henge brings the listener even more music and artists of the genre. I'm not sure how many new artists I've made part of my music library because of this podcast, but I hope they realize too what a valuable asset Marc's podcast and website are. Nightfae

I've been listening to the Podcasts for a few months now and they are great. Great mix of info (but not too much talk) and a wicked mix of music. Just joined Song Henge and love it! David G.

I first stumbled on your podcast about 3 years ago, while I was working on my Master's online.  I downloaded all your podcasts to my iPod, and still play all of them every day, while on the Metro on the way to work in Washington, and all day at my desk.  And now my wife asks me to play Celtic music while we're eating dinner!  Another convert!  Keep pumping out the great music! Kirk in MD

I just joined yesterday and, I must say, I am rather impressed with not only the quality and time put into each artist and seeking out a variety that I myself would never have the time to do but also with the sheer volume of material as well. A vast and wonderful fortune of music awaits you and you will NEVER miss the money at all! Anyse

I have always loved celtic music and I don't remember a time when it wasn't part of my life. I remember when I was first learning to read, my father put the lyrics to Loreena McKennitt's “All Souls Night” in front of me so that I could follow along the music.  I sing, although only around friends and family and I am a highland dancer. Due to a serious lack of celtic music played on local radio stations and limited time to research, the Irish and Celtic music Podcast and now Song Henge give me a way to find Celtic and Irish artists whom I would otherwise never have heard from. Cheers Liz

I drive back and forth to Roswell, NM of all places, every week.  Your music keeps me going.  In three years, I've put about 130,000 miles on the Jetta and about 1500 hours on the iPod.  Can you imagine?  Chris, Colorado

I have an hour commute to and from work.  It's a great drive through some beautiful country and is quite enjoyable. Commercial radio is pretty much a wasteland of garbage.  The only good stations have limited range. I listen to a lot of NPR, but after a while, the doom and gloom gets pretty depressing. IPod + Song Henge = The Answer to my listening needs. NPR – ‘The stock market took it on the chin again today, war, disease, political problems, ….'  sad… IPod – ‘What do you do with a catnipped kitty?' …Happy… Thank you for saving my commute! Doug

I enjoy listening when I'm walking, driving or just sitting around, but most of all, it has been a positive blessing being able to listen to it while I receive my treatments! Five hours of sitting with needles going in and out of my arms has not been the most pleasant experience I've had, but I turn on my MP3 player and my foot starts tapping and I'm off in another world. Thanks so much! Coinneach

I have been a lifetime member for about a year now, and I must say, I have loved every minute of it!  I have filled up my hard drive with many, many, many MP3s and my love for Celtic music continues to grow!  Thanks Marc for making this happen! Austin

I have been proud of my Irish roots for a long time and have read a fair amount about such things but only recently have I been turned on to Celtic music.  As many others, I am now addicted.  I have never found any music that can lift my spirits like this music.  Thanks to all of you who work hard to bring this music to me. Al

I joined Song Henge over a year ago and thoroughly enjoy the music offered.  Years ago, I needed absolute quiet in order to be able to concentrate at work.  I am an electrical engineer.  Now, I thrive on listening to music while working.  I listen to Irish / Celtic / Gaelic music almost exclusively.  I have been introduced to many different artists through Song Henge.  I know I would not have discovered so many artists if it was not through Song Henge.  I have purchased several CDs after listening to this music, which is the goal of these artists.  I proudly own CDs from Niamh Parsons, Maidens IV, and the Brobdingnagian Bards.  I wish it was many more.  Please keep up the great work. Scott S.

I think this is one of the best uses for your music money (or even some of that Guinness money!).  There is an amazing amount of music – especially from independent artists that need expanding audiences.  I just joined and uploaded all the music so I can listen to it anywhere I go — hope that was okay?  For those of us without IPods or MP3 players, it's much easier than carrying my computer around.  It also gives me a way to share the music at the library bookstore that I volunteer at!  Trying to recruit members, one at a time! Pati

I listen to music constantly-and I've been listening to Marc Gunn's various podcasts for a couple of years I absolutely love them!  I listen to my Song Henge downloads when driving, cooking, and mostly when I work on my art.  My daughter (7) loves it too and we are learning songs together (we love to sing “Peggy” by Clandestine)  I love that she is falling in love with traditional Irish and Celtic music as I do- so much better than the other stuff out there… BTW. She is learning violin and hopes to play traditional fiddle tunes someday it keeps her inspired to practice her music as it keeps me inspired to do my artwork!  Thank you Marc Gunn! Jenn

I signed up for Song Henge in October of 2006 and it is now June of 2007 and I have received over a Gig worth of new music in that time.  If you are looking for a bargain in Irish & Celtic music, this is the place for you; it is here for the taking, all you have to do is take it.  Are you looking for romantic music for a special night?  It is here in droves. Are you looking for music with a good beat to work to? It is here in droves or are you looking for instrumental music to read by? That is here in droves too and much, much more.  Just do not do what I did and sign up for it and forget about the place for three months, it is an all night endeavor trying to download that much music all at once, trust me, I tried. John B.

I've been a Song Henge member for more than a year, and I still can't believe the amount of music I've been exposed to during my membership. I've been a fan of Celtic/Irish/British folk/Ren Faire music for a few years now and Song Henge is a big part of it. I've bought several albums from artists featured in Song Henge and in the podcasts and I've passed along some of the music to my friends to enjoy as well. Thank you, Marc, for all of the hard work you've put into this site and for passing along a large bushel of great music to enjoy. Rob Burns, Hoquiam, WA

I listen to the podcast at work and often save them to listen again. I am writer and digital scrapbooking artist and listening helps me get into my ‘zone.' When you announced Song Henge…way back when… I joined up and have enjoyed all the great music you find since then.  Thanks, Marc! Catriona MacGregor

I really got in to the Celtic, Irish and Scottish music scene about ten years ago. I only just recently discovered Song Henge through the Irish and Celtic music podcast. It has really broadened my musical horizons and I have become addicted. I listen all the time now. So much so that I am listening to the entire podcast series again. Being an instrumental and vocal musician myself, I always enjoy finding new musical styles. I am very grateful to Marc and the Bards for all of the effort they put in to growing this genre of music and it's very broad base of followers. D. Davis

I just got the Membership a couple of weeks ago and I love it.  I have been really getting into Irish and Celtic music lately but I have liked it for a while.  This site along with the Podcast really give me a lot of music to Listen to while at work and at home.  I really like Homeland and Kennedy's Kitchen.  I mostly listen at work, I work as a civilian for the Navy fixing Marine Helicopters.  It is actually kind of funny.  I am a former Marine that works for the Navy that spent some time in the Air Force and plan to go back into the Air Force.  Any way, this place is awesome, keep up the great work. D. Bickford, Silverdale, WA