"Captain Black Jack" Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire – Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

Wha’? Biography. Feckin’ bastards!

No wait. That’s me? Haha!

I’m “Captain Black Jack” Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire, of the pirate ship IRISH STOUT. I’ve plundered the seven seas for twelve years now and I’m tired. The Royal Navy is getting awfully bitchy. So instead of pirating ships, I decided to record an album of sea shanties and drinking songs and pirate music. It’s a much more respectable living considering the Major Record Labels are stealing more from musicians than we pirates have EVER done!

Yes! I am a firm believer in Piracy! Listen to my PSA and support the fine art of piracy starting with my music. But buy the Feckin’ album first. It is imperative that you help us musicians who put our blood, sweat, and tears in each album.

Okay, the blood was from my shipmates. All I did was sing and play a little drum. That’s one of the luxuries of being a CAPTAIN after all. You direct the idiot sailors beneath you. Ah tis a fine life. Treat ’em right and don’t call ’em idiots too much to their face and you won’t face a mutiny… again… Okay, it happened once… twice, okay four times, but it wasn’t my fault. I WAS DRUNK! I thought those wenches WERE mermaids… How was I to know they wouldn’t lead me to the treasure…

But I Learned my Lesson. That’s the point I want to make.

The IRISH STOUT has treated me well. And I’ve treated her like the Queen she is! I make sure the men swab the decks keep the head in top shape. It’s important. With all those waves Up and Down and Up and Down, when you’re aiming, you’re likely to miss. That’s why I encourage me lads to just piss over the side of the ship. And NOT down the head. Save that for the real work.

But that’s not the point I was getting at. The important thing of pirating is pirate as much as you can. Booty is grand but sometimes ye have to do That much more.

That’s one of many reasons why I recorded an album of music. And soon I will start on my lecture tour of universities to educate students on the Fine Art of Piracy… and maybe learn a few tricks from those students. Damn! Those kids are ahead of the game!

Oh! And the CD is great! Buy the Feckin’ thing and ten for your mates. Arrrrgh!

A Collection of Irish Pub Songs

In the beginning was the Irish Stout, and the stout was good.

The Irish Stout was SO good, in fact, we started singing about it–Irish Pub Songs. The Irish songs flowed as prolifically as the stout.

Irish Stout is no longer just a dark beer made from roasting malts and barley. Now it is also a band–a couple friends who love drinking songs as much as they love drinking. We don’t care about politics, religion, or being the most-traditional band in the world. Our sound is sharp, unique, and designed for hours of good old-fashioned song as you drink the night away.

So if you’re looking for traditional “Celtic music”, leave now. We’re gonna show you the FUN, RAUCOUS side of Celtic music. The type of music that might get your toes tapping, your beer splashing, your hearts racing, your eyes laughing, your thoughts crafting, your body thrashing, and your voice cracking from too much singing. Yeah. We know what you want to hear. Because we want to hear it too!

So go ahead. Grab a pint of Irish Stout and join us in the pub. It doesn’t have to be the same Irish pub. Yours will do. Just bring the CD out and give it to the bartender and say, I want music I can sing to! Then let the Irish Stout start flowing and satiate your thirst so that every day is St. Patrick’s Day, thanks to Irish Stout.

Irish Stout is Marc Gunn and Captain Black Jack Murphy. Marc Gunn, also of the Brobdingnagian Bards, continues to revolutionize Irish music by introducing the autoharp into the Celtic tradition. His good friend Captain Black Jack Murphy brings a stout, piratey, Irish brogue and gritty vocals in a style you might hear from The Dubliners or The Wolfe Tones.

The duo met each other in early 2006 while sharing a pint of Guinness Stout at Fado’s. They were enjoying the traditional tunes of The Tea Merchants when Gunn snickered at Murphy’s pirate attire. “It was more Disney than Pirate,” said Gunn. “he looked rather ridiculous.”

Murphy nearly punched Gunn before Gunn bought Murphy a Murphy’s Irish Stout. After a few more drinks, they started singing Irish songs, much to the disapproval of everyone around them including the band on stage. But why fight fire with fire. The Tea Merchants invited them on stage and 4 Irish Whiskey was born. When they realized that was a stupid band name, they renamed the group Irish Stout and began dominating the local Irish pub song scene.

Now, they are rocketing out of the land-locked pubs and into the digital pub world where you bring your own Irish Stout and sing-a-long with your computer. It’s not quite as fun, but Tuesdays are cool! Because you can sing-a-long with our podcast.

Three Movie and TV Songs for Geeks Like Me

In 2006, I wrote and recorded a song that I absolutely loved called “A Rabbit for Halloween”. It told the story of Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel in the episode “Broom-Stick Bunny”. I loved the song so much, in fact, that I tried to sneak it on to my new album, A Tribute to Love. But everyone who listened to the album said the same thing, “It doesn’t fit.” They were right.

Now another Halloween is coming and I was really hoping to release this song on a CD. But I don’t have one coming out any time soon. So I decided to release a single.

In the music business a “single” signifies one to three songs on a recording. So I thought I would package this single with two other like-minded songs I’ve written. One was inspired by the movie Stardust, and the other was inspired by a television show Firefly. I packaged them all together and decided to release a themed single called Three Movie and TV Songs for Geeks Like Me.

Track Listing:

  1. A Rabbit for Halloween (Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel)Listen
  2. Stardust Serenade (Stardust movie)Listen
  3. She Said Her Name Was Saffron (Firefly)Listen

Order Now: 2007, 3 Songs, Mage Records

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A Tribute to Love

The idea for this CD arose in the Fall of 2006. I wanted to release an album of love songs for Valentine’s Day. Alas, through too much procrastination, that goal totally fell through. It was put on the back burner until… Valentine’s Day, when I leaped head first into this project with all my heart.

Love. I’ve been in love. I’ve felt myself floating on it’s wings and sang to the angels in thanks. Once upon a time, I was a hopeless romantic. But I don’t like being hopeless. So I became a hopeful romantic. I began looking for love and found myself falling. The challenge I discovered is that just because I’m in love doesn’t not mean we are meant to be together. Our differences may segregate us and keep us from achieving whatever holy state of being may exist from a “perfect” romance.

And perhaps THAT is the real challenge. My expectation. There are ups and downs, ins and outs in love. It’s not all romantic love songs. That’s why when I began to choose the love songs I wanted to record, I decided to keep it real. To cover a wide variety of love that is not all flowers and candy. Some times it’s filled with heartbreak. Other times, it’s comical. Still other times it’s unreal, mystical.

That’s what this CD is about. A Tribute to LOVE! is an album of love songs. There are some folk songs about love, and then there are some songs from my own experience. These are the songs I love to sing when I want to feel romance in my life. And I hope others will find them just as romantic.

Track Listing:

  1. Silhouette of Longing Love
  2. The Gosling Reborn
  3. When She Held Me In Her Arms
  4. Another Lonely Night
  5. A Faint Heart
  6. Froggie Went A-Courtin’
  7. The Hobbit Journey Home
  8. Star of the County Down
  9. Tiziano Gunn
  10. They Call Me Crazy
  11. Here’s to the Dreamers
  12. Marry for the Heart
  13. Heart and Soul

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2008, 13 Songs, Mage Records