Victims of Irish Music Coming Soon

Finally getting close to finishing this compilation CD. I’ve been planning this compilation for a while. It’s an album of mostly all-instrumental Irish music that I am compiling. I finally finished the track listing. The album sounds great. Here’s what I have on it:

  1. “Cooley’s Set (Reels: Cooley’s Reel,/Sporting Paddy/Toss The Feathers)” by Wild Clover Band from Behind the Blarney
  2. “Sleeping Under The Tables Set” by Kennedy’s Kitchen from A Pocketful of Lint
  3. “Lannigan’s Ball/Rambling Pitchfork/Tar Road Sligo” by Cady Finlayson from Harp and Shamrock
  4. “Staten Island Hornpipe/Morpeth Rant” by The Jolly Rogues from Captain Billy’s Privateers
  5. “The Gneeveguilla Reel/Drag her Round the Road/The Golden Keyboard” by Arabesque from Glen Road to Cordoba
  6. “The Boys from Blue Hill/Cherish the Ladies” by Bow Triplets from One Spot On Earth
  7. “Princess Royale” by Thomas “Doc” Grauzer from Infernal Harp Racket
  8. “Chicago Trippin up the Stairs by Boston Blackthorne from Better Late Than Ever
  9. “Rocky Road to Brenham” by Celtic Stone from Digital Traditions
  10. “Geordie Lad” by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Thumb Twiddling
  11. “Old Grey Cat” by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
  12. “Congress Reel” by Poitin from Live!
  13. “The Road to Lisdonvarna/Morrison’s Jig” by Vince Conaway from Distractions from the Muse
  14. “Polkas and Slides” by The Tea Merchants from The Tea Merchants
  15. “Banks of Spey/High Road to Linton” by Highland Fling from Highland Fling
  16. “Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap/Newcastle” by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies
  17. “The Skylark/Humours of Tulla/Lucy Campbell’s” by Culann’s Hounds from Year of the Dog

It sounds fantastic!

Incidentally, the title of the album came from a phrase I saw on a book I borrowed from Doc Grauzer about Irish music. As I recall, it mentioned how the British attempted to stomp out traditional music in Ireland, but nothing could stop it. The name sounded too cool to not use for something.

Announcing The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

A compilation of our most-popular Irish drinking songs about drinking. Marc drinks. Andrew drives. This partnership has led to one of the most-productive Celtic music groups in Texas. Though one half of the Brobdingnagian Bards does not drink, this doesn’t stop the duo from having a lot of fun singing their favorite Irish Drinking Songs. You don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy this fun compilation of the Brobdingnagian Bards most-popular songs about drinking.

The album is finished and includes the following songs: Beer, Beer, Beer, Black Velvet Band, Seven Drunken Nights, The Holy Ground, Lily the Pink, Old Dun Cow (MacIntyre!), The Orange and The Green, Come Out Ye Black and Tans, Rattlin’ Bog, Johnny at the Door, Finnegan’s Wake, Johnny Jump Up, Whiskey in the Jar, Wild Rover, A Begging I Will Go, Health to the Company.

Find out more about The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs.

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers


No, really. I know. You’re thinking, “Is this guy psycho? Or drunk? He rewrote a bunch of Irish songs with lyrics about cats? That’s just crazy!”

I know, I know. They keep telling me that. And maybe I do love cats a bit much, but c’mon why not.

Imagine for a moment all of the crazy little things your cat does. Racing around your home. Climbing on door frames. Napping in the oddest positions. Snuzzling up to you. Waking you up in the morning. Begging for food. Having them rub their tail against your leg.

The list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many pleasures of owning a cat. All the beauty, the sweetness, and all the madness, that’s what this album is all about.

I wanted to share my experience with one of life’s most-amazing creatures. I wanted your mind to meld with mine, so you can experience my cats, and I can experience yours. This is just a small sample of the purr-fect world awaiting you when you purchase a copy of this album.

There are many more furry smiles to come. So curl up in a corner. Listen. Share the music with your friends. Then tell me the hypnotic story about how you were adopted by your cat(s).

Slainte! Mreow!

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Track Listing:

  1. Wild Kitty (parody Wild Rover)
  2. A Cat Named Rover (parody Gypsy Rover)
  3. The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf (parody Bonnie Ship the Diamond)
  4. When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling (parody When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
  5. Lord of the Pounce (parody Lord of the Dance)
  6. I’ll Tell My Cat (parody I’ll Tell My Ma)
  7. The Cat Came Back… The Cat’s Perspective
  8. Black Is the Color (of My Cat’s Fur)
  9. Cats Chasing Butterflies
  10. The Demented Cat Game (parody Patriot Game)
  11. Black Kitty Paw (parody Black Velvet Band)
  12. Catnipping Green (parody Fiddler’s Green)
  13. The Old Grey Cat
  14. Furagone’s Wake (parody Finnegan’s Wake)
  15. Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y (parody The Barnyards of Delgaty)

Front Cover Photo by Kristen Roger. Back CD Cover and Celtic Cat Logo by Ingrid Houwers. Produced by Ari Koinuma.

The Secret World of Celtic Rock

Experience the best in Celtic Rock!

Two years ago I had an exciting idea to release a Celtic Rock CD. Man, I’ve outdone myself! No. I take that back. It’s not me. All I did was compile some of the best independent Celtic Rock bands around and organize them onto a CD. The result is destined to be a hit CD among contemporary and traditional Celtic music lovers alike–“The Secret World of Celtic Rock.”

Yes, it’s taken a long time to pick some amazing tracks, mix and match them, and try to have a common theme. I found some brilliant bands in the process. The CD is not yet completely finalized, but I couldn’t help but get the word out now since I hope to have the CD out by St. Patrick’s Day.

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Track Listing:

  1. Mordred’s Lullaby by Heather Dale
  2. Moore St. Girls by The Elders
  3. In Like Flynn by The Indulgers
  4. Cold Glencoe by Rise
  5. Johnny Jump Up/Swallow Tail Jig by Amadan
  6. Slip Me 5 by Brothers 3
  7. San Patricio Brigade by Black 47
  8. Nothin’ by Lenahan
  9. The Grass Is Greener by The Electrics
  10. Day After Day by Tears for Beers
  11. Sovay/Halting March by Paisley Close
  12. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose by Rimbo (w/Marc Gunn)
  13. The Chieri by Avalon Rising
  14. Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda by RavensWing
  15. Erin Go Bragh by Jayah
  16. The Day We Set Sail by Tale | Theo Niessink
  17. The Great Whale Road by Fathom
  18. A Soulin by Arminta
  19. Groovy Scooby by The Rogues

Produced by Marc Gunn. Graphic design by Jen Clower-Brown.