Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers

Introducing Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers! If you love cats and Celtic music, you will love this latest offering from Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats.

It all began with a phone call. I started meowing in the middle of “Wild Rover”. Then I wrote my first cat song. Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers was born. The CD was wildly popular. Before I knew it I had people asking when I would release my next Cat CD. Sure, I had a few songs already written, but not enough for a second CD. I spent the next two years writing some songs and asking fans of the first album to submit some lyrics. The results are now here!

The album features twelve songs and two sets of Irish tunes. The songs are a mix of Irish and Scottish songs rewritten about cats. You’ll hear songs about cats eating catnip, waking you up in the middle of the night, staring off into nothingness. You’ll laugh as cats take over a dairy farm, splashing milk all over the place or a nice feline friendly twist to the Sylvester and Tweety Bird cartoon. Cats fight off canine pack recruitment and Harry Potter makes an appearance as does cat cloning. No really! It’s twisted, but amazing fun.

The CD was produced by Celtic music lover, Rich Brotherton, and it shows. Whiskers in the Jaris an album of purrlicious fun for cat lovers everywhere.

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  1. What Shall We Do With a Catnipped Kitty
  2. Molly Malone, the Cat’s Perspective/Planxty Hewlett
  3. Kitty at the Door
  4. Danny Boy
  5. To Catch a Cat
  6. Big Strong Cat (My Puddy Tat, Sylvester)
  7. Cuddles McGish
  8. When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire
  9. Kitty’s Rambles/Dowd’s 9 Lives/Jenny’s Chickens
  10. The Old Woman and Her Cat (Dundee Cat)
  11. Kitty Martin
  12. Harry Potter and the Rising of the Moon
  13. Orange Kitten’s Mew
  14. Whiskers in the Jar

The graphics were designed by Celtic artist, Ingrid Houwers. The final album is coming soon.

Non-Profit Donations by Mage Records

Mage Records considers it important to donate a portion of CD sales to non-profit organizations. Typically, these donations come from compilation CDs.

As of January 1, 2011, Mage Records has donated over $16,000 cash to non-profits since 2005.

Celtic Non-Profits We Support

  • Alabama Celtic Association = $850.10
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Total Donated = $12,358.75

Other Non-Profits We Support

  • Austin Browncoats = $771.08
  • Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary = $213.63
  • Feral Fixers = $350
  • KOOP Radio = $100
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  • Louisiana SPCA = $160
  • Purrfect Pals = $150
  • Red Cross for Disaster Relief = $1689.99
  • RESCU Foundation = $36.72
  • Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary = $258.42

Total Donated = $4219.84

If you would like to help support Celtic non-profits, please consider purchasing one of our Celtic compilation CDs.

Renaissance Festival Podcast Compilation CD

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is a free, bi-monthly, downloadable radio show of Renaissance festival entertainment. It is hosted by Marc Gunn and Kristen Roger, and produced Joe Haydu and Marc Gunn, the show features music and entertainment from around the world.

Now we are proud to announce our latest compilation CD. This album benefits the podcast though a portion of the profits benefit a non-profit organization that will help the faire community as well and as needed.

This compilation is a lot like an episode of the Renaissance Festival Podcast with a fantastic mix of music and comedic faire commercials with our unique podcast touch.

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Here’s the complete track listing. Please visit the artists and find out more about the groups who support the Renaissance Festival Podcast.

Track Listing:
1. Fugli, “Crazy Leo’s Indulgences”, www.povera.com
2. Bedlam Bards, “Bedlam Boys / Bear Dance”, www.bedlambards.com
3. Bramblebush, “Mary Mac”, www.bramblebush-music.com
4. Bocca Musica, “Nancy”, www.boccamusica.com
5. Bounding Main, “High Barbaree”, www.boundingmain.com
6. Fugli, “Never Marry a Mermaid”, www.povera.com
7. Tenpenny Travelers, “Dapper Dan”, www.tenpennytravelers.com
8. Minstrel Woode, “Jolly Beggarman”, www.minstrelwoode.com
9. Brobdingnagian Bards, “Hobbit’s Dance”, www.thebards.net
10. NeidFyre, “Old Maui”, www.neidfyre.com
11. “Captain Black Jack” Murphy, “The Humours of Whiskey”, www.irishsong.net
12. Queen’s Gambit, “Rocky Road to Dublin / Foxhunter’s Jig”, www.queens-gambit.com
13. Pirate Comedy Show, “Tourists Promo”, www.piratecomedyshow.com
14. Vince Conaway, “Cantiga”, www.vinceconaway.com
15. Marc Gunn, “Finnegan’s Wake”, www.marcgunn.com
16. Jesse Linder, “The Leaving of Liverpool”, www.jesselinderbard.com
17. Marooned, “Spanish Ladies”, www.marooned-lv.com
18. Marc Gunn & Lorella Loftus, “PlagueAway: The Pestilence Potion”, www.marcgunn.com
19. Terry Griffith, “For My Grandfathers”, www.pittsburghirish.org/griffith
20. Blackjacks ‘n Blarney, “Old Black Rum”, www.renwidow.com
21. Thyme Awaye, “Highland Harry”, www.myspace.com/thymeawaye
22. Seymoure, “The Pudding Song”, www.seymoure.net
23. Marc Gunn & Lorella Loftus, “The Faire Is Over”, www.marcgunn.com/

It album features photography by Chip Talbert, Kimberly Stockton as Elizabeth I and graphic design by the amazing, hard-working and generous, James McDaniel II.

Celtic Christmas Music

Just three more days until your own Celtic Christmas is begins. But there’s no time like the present to start celebrating. Here you can find some:

But the best way for any Celt to celebrate a Celtic Christmas is with music. Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding Celtic Christmas music. Outside of Wales, there’s not really any traditional Celtic Christmas music. However, there is a lot of new music written and adapted by Celtic music groups who have recorded their own Celtic Christmas CDs. These make great holiday gifts. So check out a few such popular Celtic Christmas CDs:

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