Celtic Christmas Music

Just three more days until your own Celtic Christmas is begins. But there’s no time like the present to start celebrating. Here you can find some:

But the best way for any Celt to celebrate a Celtic Christmas is with music. Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding Celtic Christmas music. Outside of Wales, there’s not really any traditional Celtic Christmas music. However, there is a lot of new music written and adapted by Celtic music groups who have recorded their own Celtic Christmas CDs. These make great holiday gifts. So check out a few such popular Celtic Christmas CDs:

Celtic Christmas Music CDs

Brobdingnagian Bards - Christmas in Brobdingnag Loreena McKennitt - Drive the Cold Winter Away Bonnie Rideout - Scottish Christmas Heather Dale - This Endris Night

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4 Drunk’s Sake: Live Songs from an Irish Pub

Imagine you’re in a pub in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. A bunch of Irish music lovers are packed in one small room. You get the pleasure of leading them in song.

That’s what happened to 4 Irish Whiskey in the summer of 2007. A bunch of my fans joined me on a trip to Ireland and we had a good old fashion sing-a-long with a mix of traditional Irish songs and geeky favorites.

It was a rollicking good time that got wilder and wilder as the night progressed and we drank more Guinness and Bulmers. Yes, it devolved into drunken bliss for drunk’s sake. It’s not fine art, it’s intoxicated sing-a-longable bliss!

So come join us!

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