Concert Window July Weekend Sale

Sunday evening at 8pm EST, Marc Gunn will perform a live streaming concert on the Concert Window platform. You can join him from anywhere in the world. The cost? Pay-What-You-Want! That’s right. Any amount that inspires you. Sign up to be notified about the event at

Buy Sci Fi Drinking Songs

This weekend only, you can order a copy of Marc Gunn’s new album Sci Fi Drinking Songs before it is officially released on September 8, 2014.

CD will be officially released in September.

Celtic T-Shirts on Sale

T-Shirts are on sale this weekend only. Sorry the sale is over!

Kilted For Her Pleasure

"Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-Shirt

Why do so many people love kilts so much? There are many compelling reasons to wear a kilt as a man. That’s why this is our best-selling t-shirt. It is every kilt-wearer’s dream.

Show others how much you love wearing your kilts with this black shirt combined with the stunning plaid word “kilted”.

Get a Kilted For Her Pleasure bumper sticker when you buy this shirt.

$25.00 for Kilted for Her Pleasure T-Shirt


Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk

Walk into any pub on Higgin’s Moon and you’re sure to see one of the poster for the most-famous of all mudder’s milks–Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk. The drink that launched a thousand imitations has released their famous logo now on a t-shirt. This beautiful black t-shirt with the Monahan’s label features the logo that became famous during the Unification War in the Verse–”Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Browncoat”.

Check out these other incredible ad slogans for Monahan’s over the years:

Monahan’s makes you strong.
Monahan’s. It’s a clean start to a dirty day.
Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk. It’s shiny!

Even the foreman will agree
Monahan’s is good for you
Try some today and see
What one or four can do