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I am based in Atlanta, Georgia where I perform frequently. But I also perform at conventions and festivals around the nation. I put on an internet show every month. And every week, you can see me perform online if you're a member of my Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. Enjoy the music!

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The Gunn Runners Club is a fan club for Marc Gunn's music. Your generosity allows him to make a living writing and performing new music. You'll get free music, behind-the-scenes blogs, pictures, podcasts, videos.

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Marc Gunn started podcasting in 2005. His Pub Songs & Stories podcast is one of his oldest shows. He shares the stories behind his music. Discover...

  • how to write drinking songs,
  • the true story behind "Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits",
  • the origins of the demon beneath your bed,
  • why cats knock stuff off tables.
  • and lots more!
You'll also download full concerts, learn about sustainability and music, and enjoy music from some of Marc's favorite indie bands. New episodes every month! And it's FREE! Subscribe now!

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