Donations to Celtic Non-Profits (as of end of 2013)

One of my big goals in love is the support of non-profits and helping my community. Thus, my record label, Mage Records, in conjunction with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast creates compilation CDs. A portion of the sale of … Continue reading

Pre-Order “How America Saved Irish Music” and Help Marc Gunn Travel the Country

How America Saved Irish Music will officially go on sale on February 19, 2014. Because the album will be a Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser CD instead of Gunns & Drums, I need to pay for the printing and production of the … Continue reading

The Best Celtic Christmas Music Ever

You can find a lot of Celtic Christmas music online if you know where to look. However, the key is knowing where to look. You see, the problem is that “Celtic Christmas” is as much a marketing term as it is … Continue reading