Captain Black Jack Murphy

Avast ye scurvy dog!  “Captain Black Jack” Murphy is the quintessential Irish pirate.  With four hundred years of history, Captain Murphy celebrates sea shanties, new and old and piracy at it's finest.

album coverPogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse by “Captain Black Jack” Muprhy, Pirate Extraordinaire (2008)

Raucous side of Celtic music. Experience pub songs and sea shanties with a pirate intentions. Beware! This CD contains explicit lyrics, not family-friendly. Arrrg!

Tracks: Botany Bay, Haul Away Joe, The Humours of Whiskey, A Drop of Nelson's Blood (Roll the Golden Chariot Along), PSA – Talk Like a Pirate Day, Irish Rover, Whiskey, Johnny, Won't You Come With Me?, Happy Birthday to You in Your Birthday Suit, PSA – Support Piracy!, The Blarney Stone, Mingulay Boat Song.