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Ever wake up on St. Patrick’s Day in a panic because you have no Irish music?  Well, here’s a ready-made solution!

“Not Every Day is Not St. Patrick’s Day” adds to Marc Gunn’s considerable collection of Celtic music made accessible in any number of ways.  First of all, it’s a great listen.  Even if you never explore the music beyond that, you’ll be satisfied.  But Marc has made the lyrics to and chords for all these great songs available on his Irish Song Lyrics website.

Marc has also included an original poem by Hugh Scanlen, “The Alcoholic”, that touches on a theme familiar to Irish people and Irish music.  Hugh is a veteran of the war in Vietnam, whose struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism led him to write this haunting poem. A portion of the profits of the album go towards helping vets with PTSD.

You may already have Marc’s CDs that contain parodies of these songs.  Now, you get to hear the originals, delivered in Marc’s unique style.   I’m pretty sure you’ll listen to these songs on March 17 – which, in case you didn’t know, happens to be Marc’s birthday – as well as many other days of the year.  Enjoy!

Not Every Day Is St Patrick's Day



  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. Dicey Riley
  3. Tae the Begging
  4. Kilkelly Ireland
  5. Rising of the Moon
  6. Nancy Whiskey
  7. Rocky Road to Dublin
  8. Old Fenian Gun
  9. The Alcoholic
  10. Minstrel Boy
  11. Danny Boy
  12. Drunken Sailor
  13. Wild Colonial Boy
  14. Big Strong Man
  15. An Irish Lullaby
  16. Henry Martin
  17. May Morning Dew
  18. A Drop of Nelson's Blood
  19. Arthur McBride
  20. Old Dun Cow

All songs traditional, except Kilkelly, Ireland (Steven and Peter Jones), Rising of the Moon (John Keegan Casey), Old Fenian Gun (P. O'Neill), The Alcoholic (Hugh Scanlen, Marc Gunn), Minstrel Boy (Thomas Moore), Danny Boy (Frederic Weatherly), An Irish Lullaby (James Royce Shannon), Old Dun Cow (Harry Wincott, Brad Howard)

Executive Producer: Cary Whitney
Copyright 2013 Marc Gunn

Musicians: Marc Gunn: autoharp, vocals; Kenzie Gunn: percussive; Daniel I. Briggs: bkg vocals, acoustic Bass, acoustic Guitar, octave mandolin; Jon Richardson: bkg vocals, English concertina; Jody Richardson: bkg vocals, violin; Jamie Haeuser: bkg vocals on “Minstrel Boy”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Marc Gunn. Graphic design by Marc Gunn. Cover  and back photo by Anna Cylkowski. Inside photo by Nancy Flynn. Photos from the 2012 Celtic Invasion of Galway, Ireland. Good food, good drink, good company.

Find lyrics for all these songs at


Listen to St Patrick's Day Music

You can also listen to the album on YouTube along with lots of other fun songs on my St Patrick's Day Music CD Playlist.