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Kilted Celtic comedy music for the playfully demented Celtic music fan

New Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn. Kilts make people happy. Maybe it’s the speculation about what’s under them, or the thrill that everyone experiences – Scots or not – when they hear Highland pipes and see kilts a-swirling.

No matter – this CD is packed with comedic Celtic music that will make you laugh out loud. Allow Marc Gunn – the Godfather of Celtic music on line – to ensure that you will have lots to laugh about.

Sit back, pour a glass of something adult, and get ready to guffaw.

Decked out in Scotland’s finest, I was leaving a pub show one night when a pretty young lass eyed me greedily. She was dressed in a tight-fitting leather corset that made her swell beautifully. She smiled suspiciously. I could tell what she had on her mind. It wasn’t my music.

Just then, her boyfriend walked up and planted a big kiss on her cheek. She paused, still eying me, before turning and kissing him back.

That was it. I knew why I wear the kilt. Yes, I like how I feel in it and I love showing the Clan Gunn colours to the world. But ultimately, that’s not why I wear the kilt. It’s that dark-eyed glance that made me feel like a man, and a sexy one at that.

Some years later, I decided to show my love with a T-shirt and a CD that say the same–Kilted For Her Pleasure. This fun album of Kilted Celtic comedy music is now on sale.

Listen to Kilted For Her Pleasure



  1. Kilted For Her Pleasure
  2. A Drop of Vulcan Blood
  3. Maid Went to the Mill
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Beer, Beer, Beer
  6. To the Begging He Will Go
  7. The True History of No Pants Day
  8. Jock Stuart, A Man Who Wears a Kilt Every Day
  9. St. Patrick Never Drank
  10. Call of the Bodice
  11. The Mower
  12. The Widow and the Devil
  13. Kitty Cat
  14. The Sailboat Armada
  15. Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk


What People Are Saying About Kilted For Her Pleasure?

“Marc, I received the shirts and CDs yesterday, my wedding anniversary. I managed to get home before my wife and I greeted her in my kilt and the t-shirt. The response was a resounding success. Thanks for helping to make it a wonderful anniversary. Slainte Mhath!”
– Michael Fox
“Kilted for Her Pleasure is brilliant! My husband presented it on our wedding anniversary. He was appropriately dressed in his kilt and Kilted for Her Pleasure shirt. Thank you for your excellent music and devilish sense of humour.”
– Nicole Fox

Executive Producers: Larry Owens <- Collectible toy store… Action figures from all genres, painted miniatures, customized CCG decks, and anything else that amuses me! All ages appropriate but mostly try to stick to ‘retro’ toys, stuff you remember from your childhood and want to share with your kids!