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Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
Traditional Irish pub songs with lyrics about cats!

Real Men Wear Kilts - Scottish songs

© Marc Gunn 2005

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Tracks Notes


No, really. I know. You're thinking, "Is this guy psycho? Or drunk? He rewrote a bunch of Irish songs with lyrics about cats? That's just crazy!"

I know, I know. They keep telling me that. And maybe I do love cats a bit much, but c'mon why not.

Imagine for a moment all of the crazy little things your cat does. Racing around your home. Climbing on door frames. Napping in the oddest positions. Snuzzling up to you. Waking you up in the morning. Begging for food. Having them rub their tail against your leg.

The list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many pleasures of owning a cat. All the beauty, the sweetness, and all the madness, that's what this album is all about.

I wanted to share my experience with one of life's most-amazing creatures. I wanted your mind to meld with mine, so you can experience my cats, and I can experience yours. This is just a small sample of the purr-fect world awaiting you when you purchase a copy of this album.

There are many more furry smiles to come. So curl up in a corner. Listen. Share the music with your friends. Then tell me the hypnotic story about how you were adopted by your cat(s).

Slainte! Mreow!

Front Cover Photo by Kristen Roger

Back CD Cover and Celtic Cat Logo by Ingrid Houwers

Produced by Ari Koinuma

What do others say about this CD?

"Hi well I`m a cat lover and my friend Kristie just gave me a copy of the Cat Drinking Songs for cat lovers. And I loved it! I hope that you get a second album out because my cats Mr Tinkles, Tom,Rastis and Smokie like it too. Everytime I sing one of the songs well they start rubbing on me. I click to get my cats to come to me what do you do?"
- Courtney Foster, Penrith New South Wales

"Amanda is sure that they were drawn by the music and thinks you could be the Pied Piper of cats. We are both convinced that you have a hit with cats and cat lovers alike with this album. You have really captured the nature of the feline spirit with your lyrics and anyone who has ever loved a cat will feel a connection to this CD. Best of Luck!"
- Sara Carman

"What a great idea! I absolutely LOVE the music I've heard so far, and can't wait to get the whole disk! Wonderful lyrics, and a hilariously good time. I've been telling all my cat friends about this"
- Michelle of the Manor Meow, New York

"I absolutely love the songs and I just let them play over and over on my computer. Can't wait to hear the full CD. I am in awe of the clever and heartwarming lyrics and the talent of the artist who wrote and sings them, a man who obviously loves and appreciates the the finer attributes of THE CAT!"
- Dorothy/Webmom of the Salt City Cat Club

"I was playing When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling on your journal, and my cat Amy came running into the room meowing... jumped up and started her happy cuddle... she likes the song... just thought you'd like to know that not only the humans appreciate good music - lol!!!! "
- Dunkler Engel, Cat Lover

"I happened to overhear Lord of the Pounce one day at [a Renaissance] faire, and I am in love! I can't wait to add this CD to my collection!"
- Rie Sheridan, fantasy author of 'Mutiny on the Moonbeam'

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