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Take a breath…listen. Listen to an instrument that in the hands of Marc Gunn, becomes a pathway to fairy fields and drifting clouds, to magical realms and deepest dreams.

The autoharp — conventionally known as the instrument of middle schools and German engineers — is transformed into an expression of heart, spirit and soul, with Celtic roots and fairy branches, and the capacity to erase all but the calm, happy and comfortable end of a day.


Heart's Ease began about five years ago while I was recording Soul of a Harper. I recorded my first solo instrumental tunes, and I loved them. At the time, I thought about recording an instrumental album inspired by the fae folk. My first tunes were named that way. But two years ago, I started back on the path, starting with “Stardust Serenade”, a song inspired by the movie Stardust. The others came in bursts with fans and friends naming the tunes.

This is a relaxing album of peaceful heart-felt emotion. Imagine sitting in a warm bubble bath, a candle burning, and you'll have an idea of how to enjoy this peaceful CD, perfectly named Heart's Ease.

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Track Listing:

  1. Stardust Serenade
  2. Heart's Ease
  3. She Vanished in the Mist
  4. Songwind
  5. The Mage of Mirth
  6. Desire
  7. Amber Wednesday
  8. Fairy Tale Waltz
  9. Summer's End
  10. Wildflowers of Party Field
  11. Return to Lonely Mountain
  12. Song of Assisi
  13. Phoenix Tears
  14. Of Twilight Shores