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Do you send Christmas? Do you love Celtic music? Then share the gift of music with Celtic Christmas Greeting by Marc Gunn.

Next time you go looking for Celtic Christmas CDs, you may find as much trouble as Gunn had before he released his album. There were plenty of albums that were Celtic OR Christmas, but they were rarely both.

The Celtfather pulls in some great Celtic musicians and some outstanding songwriting to provide a truly CELTIC CHRISTMAS sound.

You'll glow with classic Christmas songs like God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, Jingle Bells, Christmas in Killarney, and Silent Night, recorded live with a baby falling a sleep to Gunn's soothing voice. Smile with a Celtic remake of Frosty the Irish Snowman. Laugh along to Gunn's satirical Celtic humor with Celtic Christmas Elf and The Scottish King of Christmas. Then celebrate Christmas with Rie Sheridan Rose's soon to be classic “Let's Have a Celtic Christmas” and Nancy Flynn's hobbit Christmas anthem, Christmas in the Shire.

There's music for every Celt. It's fun music that reminds you of Bing Crosby, Irish Rovers, and Celtic Thunder. This album will bring your Irish or Scottish family closer together.

If you want to purchase individual CDs for just the music, then follow these links for CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

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