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How America Saved Irish Music will officially go on sale on February 19, 2014. Because the album will be a Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser CD instead of Gunns & Drums, I need to pay for the printing and production of the album. I already planned to do a fundraiser to cover travel to Sherwood Forest Faire and Starfest. Instead of doing multiple crowdfunding sites, I decided to combine all of those elements right here.

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About How America Saved Irish Music

Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser - How America Saved Irish MusicHow America Saved Irish Music is a new album by Marc Gunn (on autoharp and vocals) and Jamie Haeuser (on bodhran and vocals). The album has taken over five years to create and countless hours building the concept.

It's album about Irish music and the effect that American music has had on it, via our own interpretation. I am extremely proud of the final result.

NOTE: Shipping will be charged for all physical orders.

 Total Raised: $2324
 out of $4081 as of February 4, 2014 –57% of Goal on completion

The Concept:

The Irish diaspora of the 19th century sent millions of Irish families to America.  Settling in New York, Boston and New Orleans, the immigrants brought Irish music with them.  Combining with other folk traditions and sustained by Irish cultural organizations across the country, Irish and Celtic music thrives in America.

Two original songs are based on the construction of the New Basin Canal in New Orleans, where something between 5,000 and 20,000 Irish workers dies of yellow fever.  “Leaving of Liverpool” references the fact that the cheapest way to get to America was on a ship that brought cotton to England, and immigrants back to New Orleans.  “Stor Mo Chroi” refers to the pattern of Irish men finding work abroad, leaving families behind.  Other songs reflect Marc Gunn and Jamie Haeuser's bluesy spin on everything from anti-war songs to folk songs from Provence.

The Tracks

  1. A Stor Mo Chroi
  2. Star of the County Down
  3. Gypsy Rover
  4. Men of New Basin Canal
  5. Bridget's Prayer
  6. Ais Vis Lo Lop
  7. Black Velvet Band
  8. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  9. Streets of Laredo/Bard of Armagh
  10. Whiskey, You're the Devil
  11. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
  12. Mrs. McGraw
  13. Leaving of Liverpool
  14. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye


Here's How You Can Help

This is not Kickstarter. Rather, this is a bunch of different products that you can order. Each item you purchase on this page will go towards the fundraising goal.


Pre-Order America for $25

On Wednesday, February 19th, when the album is officially released, I plan to do a Top the Charts promotion for How America Saved Irish Music. You can help me make that event a success when you pre-order the physical CD.

When you pre-order America, three things will happen:

  1. You'll get an autographed copy of the physical CD as soon as it arrives from the printer,
  2. You'll immediately get a digital copy in a ZIP file via email,
  3. You'll get my latest collection of stickers,
  4. You'll get a hand-written thank you card from Marc Gunn,
  5. On February 19th, I will send you a gift copy of the album via iTunes to your email address (unless you contact me with an alternative email address)



Where Will Your Money Go?

Thank you SO much for your kind and generous support of my music. Each item that you purchase below will go towards the production of the album. Income raised after that will go towards other expenses that are listed below.


  • $1500 Studio Recording, Graphics and Production
  • $450 Air Travel to Austin, Texas for Sherwood Forest Faire
  • $500 Air Travel to Denver, Colorado for Starfest
  • $1200 CD Printing
  • $200 Video Production
  • $231 Paypal Fees

Total Cost = $4081


Additional Pre-Order Options

You can make a difference in the life a musician by pre-ordering America. In addition to pre-ordering the CD above, you can also help by buying any of the items below.

NOTE: Shipping will be charged for all physical orders.

Any Donation Amount

You will receive a ZIP file to download a copy of my compilation Irish Songs for New Orleans, plus, my never ending thanks!


Autoharp Bracelet

You can now own a piece of Marc Gunn history with a limited-edition autoharp bracelet made from broken autoharp strings and decorated lovingly with beads.

$10 Bracelet


Austin Concert Ticket – CD Release Party

Join Marc Gunn on Friday, February 7th for a CD party and fundraiser for his trip to Sherwood Forest Faire.

I have performed at Sherwood Forest Faire every year since the festival began. I love this faire. It turned from an empty field to Best New Renaissance Festival three years in a row in the Renaissance Festival Awards. It is also one of the only shows I regularly perform at each year in Texas.

Over the past few years, my family paid for my travel to Texas for the festival. They can't do it this year. So I need to raise money to cover travel costs.

To that end, I'm planning a Concert and CD Release Party for Friday, February 7, 2012 at 7:30pm. The first hour will feature music from my new CDs. During the second, I'll play some of your favorite songs.

You can pre-order your tickets now to this exclusive concert, and you will  help me pay for my trip to Texas. Plus, you'll get hear me perform up close and personal, comfortable and away from any distractions. The best type of performance.


Denver Concert Ticket

Join Marc Gunn at StarFest in Denver, Colorado for a room concert. The date and time will be determined once my schedule is set. Space is limited.

Starfest is an awesome Sci Fi Convention in Denver, Colorado. I first performed there in 2009. I was blown away with the response to my music. In fact, I sold more CDs that year at Starfest than I have ever sold at any other venue.

What's odd is that in 2010, my CD sales dropped in half. In 2011, I barely made any money. I was forced to drop the venue in 2011 and 2012.

I have a lot of fans in Colorado. So I decided to book Starfest again this year. However, I can't afford to lose money. So your purchase or donation will help cover the travel expenses to Starfest too.


Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion CD

You will receive an autographed, physical copy of the first edition of Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, and an email on how to download a digital copy of the album. On February 19th, I will send you an MP3 of “Mingulay Boat Song” via Amazon to your email address (or to a friend's email address if you contact me).

Purchase of this CD will help pay for the America CD and also help spread the word of my new album of Scottish music.

Tracks include: Come Ye By Atholl, MacPherson’s Farewell, Mingulay Boat Song, I’m a Rover, Seldom Sober, Ye Jacobites By Name, Scots Wha Hae, Loch Tay Boat Song, Barnyards of Delgaty, Jock Stuart, Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny, A Man’s A Man For A’ That, Green Grow the Rashes, Mari Mac, There Are No Pubs in Kirkintilloch, Skye Boat Song, Mairi’s Wedding, Flower of Scotland.

$15.00 CD + MP3s


Your Choice of 1 of 5 Limited-Edition CDs

I have five albums below that either are no longer in print as physical CDs or were never in print as physical CDs. For a limited-time, you can own 

Celtic Christmas Songs: This four-song EP features the Christmas songs that Marc recorded over the past four years. It was released as a digital download in 2013.

Best Irish Drinking Songs: This album is a compilation of Irish drinking songs from several of Marc's other albums, including: Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day, Happy Songs of Death, Kilted For Her Pleasure, and Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lovers Companion. If you own those albums, you probably already own the music on this one.

The Ultimate Celtic Songs for Sci Fi Geeks: This album was recorded live at a house concert in Oregon in 2008. It features a ton of songs all performed solo and uninhibited. It was released as a digital album only under the name Acoustic Celtic.

Going for Brogue: Irish Pub Songs and Sea Shanties. This album as a compilation of Irish pub songs and sea shanties from two test marketing albums: A Collection of Irish Pub Songs by Irish Stout and Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse by Captain Black Jack Murphy. The albums are low-production, fun and raw performances. It's one of my most-popular digital downloads on iTunes.

Geography. This is the very first album I ever released. It was recorded under the pseudonym, Ichabod Zeuss, and features a variety of alternative folk songs with my own unique style. You can see how my music developed over the last fifteen years!


Wild Mountain Thyme DVD

You will receive an autographed copy of Wild Mountain Thyme, featuring two live performances from the California Autoharp Gathering in 2012 and 2013.

$30.00 DVD


Sponsor Video Show – Irish & Celtic News

You can be listed as an official sponsor of the first four episodes of Irish & Celtic News. Your name will scroll at the end of the show with other sponsors.

A few weeks back, I had an idea for a new video show that I'm gonna call Irish & Celtic News. The show will better highlight artists in Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The podcast doesn't spend much time talking about the artists on the show. I introduce them, and that's it. What I want to do is expand on that and maybe highlight of the bands' news as well. The show will be short, about 5-15 minutes, and will get you closer to the great artists on the podcast.

My goal is to produce four pilot episodes to see how well it works and looks and to see how people like it. If it's successful, then I will produce more. But to do it right, I'd like to raise


America Music Package

  • You will receive an autographed, physical copy of How America Saved Irish Music,
  • You'll get a link to a ZIP file with high-quality MP3s where you can download the album today,
  • You'll get one physical copy of Celtic Christmas Songs (4 song EP), Best Irish Drinking Songs (compilation), The Ultimate Celtic Songs for Sci Fi Geeks (live show), Going for Brogue: Irish Pub Songs and Sea Shanties, Geography (first solo CD).
  • You will also receive one ticket to either the Austin or Denver Concert (or both if you like),
  • You'll get a hand-written thank you note,
  • You will also have your name listed on the America CD webpage with my thanks for your generous contribution.

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