Concert Window July Weekend Sale

Sunday evening at 8pm EST, Marc Gunn will perform a live streaming concert on the Concert Window platform. You can join him from anywhere in the world. The cost? Pay-What-You-Want! That's right. Any amount that inspires you. Sign up to be notified about the event at

Buy Sci Fi Drinking Songs

This weekend only, you can order a copy of Marc Gunn's new album Sci Fi Drinking Songs before it is officially released on September 8, 2014.

CD will be officially released in September.

Celtic T-Shirts on Sale

T-Shirts are on sale this weekend only. Sorry the sale is over!

Kilted For Her Pleasure

"Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-Shirt

Why do so many people love kilts so much? There are many compelling reasons to wear a kilt as a man. That's why this is our best-selling t-shirt. It is every kilt-wearer's dream.

Show others how much you love wearing your kilts with this black shirt combined with the stunning plaid word “kilted”.

Get a Kilted For Her Pleasure bumper sticker when you buy this shirt.



Monahan's Mudder's Milk

Walk into any pub on Higgin's Moon and you're sure to see one of the poster for the most-famous of all mudder's milks–Monahan's Mudder's Milk. The drink that launched a thousand imitations has released their famous logo now on a t-shirt. This beautiful black t-shirt with the Monahan's label features the logo that became famous during the Unification War in the Verse–“Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Browncoat”.

Check out these other incredible ad slogans for Monahan's over the years:

Monahan's makes you strong.
Monahan's. It's a clean start to a dirty day.
Monahan's Mudder's Milk. It's shiny!

Even the foreman will agree
Monahan's is good for you
Try some today and see
What one or four can do




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