Firefly-Inspired Mudder’s Milk T-Shirt On Sale

The original “Mudder's Milk” t-shirt was released alongside Firefly Drinking Songs two years ago. It was a huge hit at festivals and conventions. It even spawned cheap imitation mudder's milk shirts. But no shirt and no drink is as awesome and formidable as Monahan's Mudder's Milk.

We sold out of three printings of this shirt. Now we're gonna do just one more. This is your last chance to own this beautiful shirt before it is retired and Monahan's releases a brand new shirt design in 2014.

All sizes are available from Small to 5XL.

These are pre-orders for the final batch of shirts. You will receive your shirt in January 2014.

With every order, you will get a Marc Gunn sticker and a free download of What Color Is Your Dragon featuring the award-winning Firefly song, “She Said Her Name Was Saffron”.

Save 20% when you use the coupon code: SAVE20ONTSHIRTS

This offer is good until this Friday, December 6th, when I place the order for the final batch of shirts.

Monahan's Mudder's Milk

Walk into any pub on Higgin's Moon and you're sure to see one of the poster for the most-famous of all mudder's milks–Monahan's Mudder's Milk. The drink that launched a thousand imitations has released their famous logo now on a t-shirt. This beautiful black t-shirt with the Monahan's label features the logo that became famous during the Unification War in the Verse–“Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Browncoat”.

Check out these other incredible ad slogans for Monahan's over the years:

Monahan's makes you strong.
Monahan's. It's a clean start to a dirty day.
Monahan's Mudder's Milk. It's shiny!

Even the foreman will agree
Monahan's is good for you
Try some today and see
What one or four can do

$25.00 Monahans Shirt

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