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Greetings Celtic music lover,

The weather is cooling down here in Birmingham. I went for a walk yesterday. A lone leaf fell in my path on the street. I realized fall is on its way. Then I got a phone call from my dad who drove up to Maine where it dropped into the 30s one night. Christmas is just around the corner.

I know it's still a little early to be talking about Christmas, but my next compilation CD is called “A Celtic Christmas”. The album features 17 Christmas songs and tunes by indie Celtic musicians you've heard on my Irish & Celtic Music Podcast as well as on the Celtic Christmas Podcast. I started a Kickstarter last week to fund the production and promotion of the album. Yesterday, we reached our target goal.

A Celtic Christmas

Now I'm looking at the first stretch goal. If we can reach the $5,700 goal, you could get a one-year membership to Song Henge. Best of all, I plan to hire a publicist to do some serious promotion of this CD to news and radio.

I started the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast with the hope to promote indie Celtic musicians. I want to give them the recognition that they deserve. That $5700 goal is extremely important to me for that reason.

If you love Celtic music, if you love Christmas, please take a minute to make a pledge. Any kind amount will help. If you donate $50 or more and we meet our stretch goal, then you will get a one-year membership to Song Henge and experience even more great indie Celtic music.

Thank you for all your generous support.

Marc Gunn


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Celtic Music Headlines

– The Celtic Music Magazine website is experiencing technical difficulties. I'm trying to get it resolved. But it may be a while before the magazine is back online.
– Halloween/Samhain Podcast Special: Do you have any favorite song suggestions for Halloween or Samhain?
– Nominations for 9th Annual Podcast Awards Open Oct 1st 2013. Please nominate the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast for Best Podsafe Music


Celtic Artists You May Like

Mithril – http://www.mithril.us 
Mithril's unique progressive style has its roots in traditional Celtic music but moves far beyond that, weaving such diverse influences as American folk, classical, and Middle Eastern melodies in…to their full tapestry of sound.

The Elders – http://www.eldersmusic.com/ 
Their music has been dubbed as “Ameri-Celt,” a cross-pollination of styles that is high octane and progressive, yet rooted in tradition. The Elders are not a “traditional” act, so they are at liberty to pick and choose from among the catchiest bits and pieces of their rather diverse, collective musical past. The result is a skillful mix of amped-up Americana roots rock with a strong Celtic twist – featuring powerful vocals, blazing instrumentals and top-notch song writing.

Heather Dale – http://heatherdale.com/ 
Canadian recording artist and touring musician Heather Dale writes songs for ‘modern dreamers’: witty, fun-loving, imaginative people who aren’t afraid to be different. Heather’s original songs tap into legends, mythology, history and fantasy.

John McGaha – http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JohnMcGaha
John McGaha is a multi-genre composer, singer, and song-writer with over thirty years of musical experience. The McGaha’s are a musical family, descended from Scottish and Irish immigrants. John McGaha was first introduced to music by his grandfather, and began playing fiddle with his father’s bluegrass band at the age of four.

George Papavgeris – http://folk4all.net/ 
The most prolific of creative men; the grandest of hearts and maker of songs that sear into the soul, George is unique, to say the least. His lilting accent lends a fantastic clarity to his delivery that is matched by deceptively simple guitar work. Few have written so many songs that demand your full attention and then insist, in the finest of ways, on staying with you forever. (Graham Searle)


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