A Small Token for Your Help

Every few days, I end up on YouTube looking at all the cool videos.  Then I flip back to my YouTube page and glance at my latest St. Patrick’s Day music show.  The video quality is just terrible.  Yes, I have an iPhone and I try to use that to record videos, but it’s tough when I can’t see myself to record.  So I’ve been beating my brain trying to figure out a way to raise the money to buy a webcam.  All I know how to do is sell stuff online.  But most of my Gunn Runners out there already own my CDs.  So I wanted something simple, something nice, a small token of my appreciation.  That’s when I remembered my keychains.

I ordered these wooden nickel keychains last year for my Patron of the Arts website, but I haven’t done much with them.  They’re also a year old, 2012.  I know it’s not much, but maybe if I could sell those, it might show a nice simple token of my appreciation for your support AND of course, I could raise the money for a webcam.

Name  Your Price for a limited-edition 2012 Gunn Runner Keychain



One one side of the keychain you will see my Celtic cat logo and URL.  On the other side is the year, 2012, and it reads “Marc Gunn, Celtfather” and “Gunn Runners.”  I’m offering these for a limited time.  Best of all, you can name your own price.  There is a $1 minimum donation.  Suggested donation is $5.

Every penny earned from the sale of these keychains will go to my webcam fund.  With any luck, my next Google Hangout will look AND sound top-notch.

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