Marc Gunn Autographed Box Set and Individual CDs Now On Sale

Marc Gunn's Box Set is now available at the Celtic Music CD Store.  The Box Set is now on sale.

The Marc Gunn Box Set features all thirteen of his currently existing albums, plus a few bonuses in a neatly hand-painted box.   It's all there for just $99.  That's nearly half the regular price.  Plus, you will receive all sorts of limited bonus albums and singles, stickers and all autographed for your enjoyment.  Don't miss out on this amazing summer sale!

If you already have all of Gunn's albums.  Then why not pick up a copy of Kilted For Her Pleasure, Live at the Cactus Cafe with the original limited edition cover or one of Gunn's newly released “Celtfather T-Shirts“.

It's all yours.  Just order before Aug 15th to take advantage of these great offers.

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