Feature: “Happy Songs of Death” by Marc Gunn

Artist: Marc Gunn
Album: Happy Songs Of Death
Year produced: 2009

This CD appeals to my morbid sense of humor—plus it’s a good time, and just plain funny! “Happy Songs of Death” pokes fun at the seriousness of death through song, and if you want a real chuckle, you should check it out. Fortunately, Gunn is also skilled at arranging music, singing and playing, so it is not just a raucous ride, but a skilled set of songs that will amuse your sensibilities. With a Celtic Folk feel, Gunn puts forth tunes such as “Isn’t It Grand Boys” and “Jug of Punch” and my personal fave, “Johnny Jump Up”, which had me rolling!

Gunn spent over four years getting the collection of songs together and polishing it, so you won’t find anything sloppy about this effort. Even though the subject is a light-hearted look at death, it was taken very seriously in terms of quality. Subjects covered include the Black Death, war and people rising from the dead, to name just a few. The creative muse was most definitely sitting with Gunn throughout the process because the approach is unique and captivating. You find yourself wondering what the CD has in store for you next as you listen to each track—and yet it’s always a surprise.

It’s a very Irish attitude to be upbeat about the downside of life, and who better to deliver it than Marc Gunn? Done with style and a smirk, “Happy Songs of Death” manages to put a little laughter into an otherwise somber subject. Why not? Life’s too short to be somber all the time…

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