Best Celtic Music for August

Once again the Celtic Music CD Store is pleased to bring you more of the Best Celtic CDs for June. All of these albums are by indie Celtic music groups from around the globe and were recently reviewed in the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Together, we are changing the way you hear Celtic music!

Review: “Hot Days” by Poitín

When I started listening to this album, I got the impression that this was a decent selection of Celtic songs. Well played music, with just the right amount of gusto. At the same time, the songs played by Czech band … Continue reading ?

Review: “Wind Drift” by Maggie Sansone

Maggie Sansone’s Wind Drift is an eclectic mix of both Celtic and world melodies that makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. Sansone is an accomplished  hammered dulcimer player with more than a dozen CDs to her credit and on … Continue reading ?

Review: “Celtic Echoes” by Donna Germano

Pretty, pretty! Lovers of the harp will adore Donna Germano’s “Celtic Echoes”, a CD filled with heartfelt music and delicate melodies. The album begins with a gentle rendition of “Danny Boy” and moves through 14 tracks total. Unlike most albums … Continue reading ?

Review: “Tangled Up” by Mithril

This is a Celtic/World Music group that has an incredibly polished sound and a fantastic range of songs. The album, “Tangled Up” is all about showing the listener what Mithril can do musically–and I’m here to tell you–it’s considerable. The … Continue reading ?

Review: “Bruised But Not Beaten” by The Fisticuffs

Coming right out of the gate with their rendition of “Drunken Sailor”, The Fisticuffs CD, “Bruised But Not Beaten” knocks you off your feet from the get go. Whenever a band nails that first track I always get excited to … Continue reading ?

Review: “Flow” by The Nettles

The Nettles are an Celtic acoustic band that hails from Oregon. You can hear by their sound that they have been together a long time–the music is tight, and expertly played. Formed in 1996, this is a traditional group that … Continue reading ?

Review: “Stand Look Around You” by Danny Carthy

No one sings a story like an Irishman.  Danny Carthy, an original member of Fiddlers Green, has over thirty years of professional experience to draw upon in releasing his solo CD.   Mr. Carthy’s style captures the heart and mind of the listener and puts them into the story.  Examples … Continue reading ?

Review: “Sons of Erin” by Derek Warfield

For close to 50 years Derek Warfield has been engaging crowds, most of which were as the front man to the world renowned Wolfe Tones.  As a singer, songwriter and historian, Derek Warfield has helped to shape the world of … Continue reading ?

Review: “Hell-Bent 4 Victory by Amadan

Of all the spin-off genres of Celtic music, perhaps rock and punk are the best. If those early Irish and Scottish musicians had electric guitars, I’m sure they would have used them. It’s just something about the attitude in Celtic …Continue reading ?

Review: “Roll Me Down The Mountain” by Sligo Rags

Typically I have found that a Celtic band that puts thought into their name creates some interesting music. This is certainly true of Sligo Rags. So… now you’re wondering what the name means – right? Fair enough…. the term is … Continue reading ?

Review: “Waves On The Shore” by Emily Kellam

With an extraordinary voice, and equally extraordinary lyrics, Emily Kellam has made one of the best albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Her love of Celtic mythology, and her involvement in The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) have … Continue reading ?

Review: “Kilted Concertina” by Matthew Gurnsey

A wildly eclectic musician, Matthew Gurnsey, also known as the Kilted Man, has been performing music professionally for over 10 years.  With a unique voice and a stylistic sound all of his own, Matthew shows off his considerable talent in … Continue reading ?

Review: “Hooligans and Saints” by Charm City Saints

If the Dropkick Murphys had stayed underground and never attached their music to a Dave Mirra game, they’d look a lot like the Charm City Saints. They’re a boon to the Indy Irish Punk genre, and this album from 2009 … Continue reading ?




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