Best Celtic CDs of June

Once again, the Celtic Music CD Store is pleased to present some of the great CDs that were featured in the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine this month.  Support indie Celtic music by buying these albums.

“Luna Wings” by Arlene Faith

If this album demonstrates one thing, it’s Arlene Faith’s potent ability to conjure up a wide range of emotions with Celtic instrumentals. Where many other albums of its kind tend to have twelve of the “same” track, Luna Wings strikes … Continue reading ?

“Rant” by Wicked Tinkers

Now here’s an album you won’t fall asleep to. This music is just teeming with energy, thanks in no small part to the excellent drumming, which more than just providing a rhythm for the music, actually defines it. Together with … Continue reading ?

“Here To There” by Whalebone

Are you a fan of songs such as “Sultans of Swing” or “Hotel California”? How about looking at these classics in a different light? “Here to There” is and album by Whalebone, and it brings a fresh perspective on some … Continue reading ?

“Sky Full of Seas” by David Roon

Skies Full of Seas

As beautiful as the title and album artwork would suggest, Sky Full of Seas is as smooth and enjoyable as an afternoon spent sailing on a Summer afternoon.  It is very pleasant how the instruments complement, rather than overpower the … Continue reading ?

“Stories For Sale” by Christie Hennessy


It’s amazing how many musicians have touched my life unaware. One of the first cassette tapes of contemporary Celtic music I ever purchased (I’m dating myself!) was Frances Black’s Talk to Me, which contained the haunting and beautiful “All The … Continue reading ?

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