Best Celtic CDs for October

Are you ready to see what some of the best Celtic CDs are for October.  This collection represents some of the best picks from the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.  Forget the rest.  This is the music you should be listening to.  Read the reviews.  Then see which album you want to add to your collection.

“Up the Stairs” by the Makem & Spain Brothers

Wow! I find the harmonies in this album heartwarming. The stories they tell in their songs are wonderful, and the stories make me want to travel. I’ve said before, something about their harmonies, but these men belong singing together. I … Continue reading ?

“Wanderlust” by The Rambling Sailors

Gregg and Susan Csikos are a perfect harmony, and Great on their own as well. As I listened, I found myself singing along to the familiar, and loving their songs I didn’t know. I found Susan’s voice crisp, refreshing and … Continue reading ?

“Giant’s Dance” by Giant’s Dance

The traditions of Celtic music cover many styles from the lands of the British Isles. Giant’s Dance, a quartet of musicians and vocalists from Durango, Colorado dance gracefully between traditional Scottish and Irish standards in their self-titled debut album. Giant’s … Continue reading ?

“Humdinger” by Paul Brock and Enda Scahill

Paul Brock and Enda Scahill surprised me with this exciting collection of polkas. Honestly they changed my mind about polkas in general. I found “Miss McLeod’s / Miss Thornton’s” the liveliest, and it is my favorite of the CD. I … Continue reading ?

“Lark” by Colleen Raney

When I started listening to the first song, I fell in love! The lively sound, the soft and sultry voice transfixed me and I had to hear more. Colleen Raney is soulful and sings with a heartfelt passion that I’ve … Continue reading ?


“King of Bellies” by Beer Belly

Every now and then you run across a band that helps remind you just how universal the language of music can be and just now easily it crosses national borders. Beer Belly is such a band. The band describes their … Continue reading ?


“ReD” by Clandestine

Most fans of Celtic music do not automatically associate the state of Texas with Celtic music but this four-person band from Houston has been involved in the genre since 1991 and has toured the U.S, Canada and parts of Europe. Their … Continue reading ?


“The Big White Van” by Rathkeltair

Have you seen the Big White Van? It possibly came your way, and it would have been housing Rathkeltair: Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Trevor Tanner, Bagpiper Neil Anderson, Drummer Nick Wilson, and Bassist Billy Thornton. And the album, Big White Van, is their … Continue reading ?


“Gael Day” by The Elders

This was a refreshing CD that I really enjoyed from beginning to end. “Gael Day” puts forth some truly wonderful music, and The Elders are a focused, talented band. I was blown away by the sound – the harmony – … Continue reading ?


“Agony” by The Tossers

Mmmm…this is a CD for the true Celtic punk lover. Yes indeed. With roots buried deep inside the South Side of Chicago, The Tossers have been around since the early 1990s and have played with – and toured with some … Continue reading ?

“No More Shenanigans” by The Barley Boys

It’s no secret that I love The Barley Boys. That said, I was excited to write this review–there’s nothing like penning a few words about a band that you really adore. And I have to say–”No More Shenanigans” was fantastic! … Continue reading ?

“Evening Pint” by Shillelagh

This was a very intriguing album, and aptly named. “Evening Pint” is exactly what you should be having as you kick back and take in the auditory textures provided here by Shillelagh. I was drawn in by the “mystical” feel … Continue reading ?

“Drop o’ the Pure” by Appalachian Celtic Consort

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia one will find more than just gorgeous peaks, lush valleys, and trickling streams. One will also find gorgeous music played by the Appalachian Celtic Consort. Whether it is a … Continue reading ?

“Last Ones Standing” by Ceann

Ceann is a band that is as infectious as they come. Sounding like a Celtic version of They Might Be Giants or Barenaked Ladies with driving rhythms, catchy melodies and wonderful lyrics, one can’t help but smile as they listen … Continue reading ?

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