Best Celtic CDs for May

“The Ballads Of Archie Thompson” by George Murphy & The Black Donnellys

Review: “The Ballads Of Archie Thompson” by George Murphy & The Black Donnellys

This amazing collection of songs is sure to please any lover of Celtic folk style music. George Murphy & The Black Donnellys do a fine job of connecting with the listener through a combination of sheer musical skill and carefully crafted arrangements. I really felt transported–as if I was sitting with my old relatives, listening to them sing [read review…]

“Heads Up” by Prydein

Review: “Heads Up” by Prydein

This is an enjoyable Celtic rock album that is a must-have for those who love this genre. Prydein has always ranked high for me on the list when it comes to a serious vibe, and this CD, “Heads Up” really rocks the house. Right out of the box with the first track, “Devil in the Kitchen”, you know this isn't going to be your typical Celtic rock [read review…]

“Fainne Gael an Lae” by Dark Patrick

Review: “Fainne Gael an Lae” by Dark Patrick

If I had to compare British-Ukrainian duo Dark Patrick to another musical act, I think I’d have to go with Dead Can Dance. That’s certainly the aesthetic they’re going for on their website, especially if you look at their photographs – Eva Purpurovsky, Dark Patrick’s Ukrainian half, even looks a bit like Lisa Gerrard. But never mind [read review…]

“Hair of the Frog” by Three Weird Sisters

Review: “Hair of the Frog” by Three Weird Sisters

Harpist Gwen Knighton, Teresa Powell on the upright bass, and Brenda Sutton on guitar and percussion, make up the The Three Weird Sisters on these recordings. The trio are the best sort of folk group:  the kind who do whatever they want musically rather than being completely locked in to any one style. With nary a traditional song in sight, they [read review…]

“Celtic Mayhem” by Celtic Mayhem

“Celtic Mayhem” by Celtic Mayhem

Supergroups: you have to love ‘em, regardless of what genre they may play in or come from… and it seems like no style of music is without their share.  Sometimes such groups are defined by the influence they have had on their genre (bands like Silly Wizard or Solas, for example) and sometimes they are defined as “super” because they are [read review…]

“The Journey That Lies Before” by Brothers 3

Review: “The Journey That Lies Before” by Brothers 3

With the jazzy ‘Toss de Feddahs’, this album starts with a bang, and it’s clear you’re in for a swinging ride right off the bat. While it then moves into more traditional and slightly more solemn territory with ‘Erin’s Lovely Lee’, the rhythms are still decidedly catchy, giving this melancholy song a positive edge, without mutilating [read review…]

“The Seas are Deep” by The Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo

Review: “The Seas are Deep” by The Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo

David Pedrick and Jeremy Hutson bring their talents to the Irish music scene in this album, one of many they've released over the past decade. They stay true to their established Classical style, while adapting the harp music of Turlough O'Carolan to the guitar. Originally released in 2006, “The Seas are Deep” is a mellow collection of duets on [read review…]

“Tionchar” by Brian Ó hUiginn

Review: “Tionchar” by Brian Ó hUiginn

Initially released in 2008, Brian Ó hUiginn’s album “Tionchar” still stands as a wonderful collection of modern compositions of traditional tunes and new songs.  From start to finish, the album comes across as being a solid work of art. The title of the album, “Tionchar”, is Gaelic for ‘influence’ or ‘input’ and truly [read review…]

“Closer to Home” by Donal Clancy

“Closer to Home” by Donal Clancy

I first experienced the guitar artistry of Donal Clancy in 2008 at the famous Swannanoa Gathering during their “Celtic Week” in Asheville, NC.  Donal and his cousin, Aoife Clancy, brought the audience to their feet and sent chills up my spine with the beauty and intensity of their renditions of traditional and modern Irish music. Donal is [read review…]

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