Best Celtic CDs for March

Once again the Celtic Music CD Store is pleased to bring you more of the Best Celtic CDs for March. All of these albums are by indie Celtic music groups from around the globe and were recently reviewed in the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Together, we are changing the way you hear Celtic music!

“Celtic Squall” by Celtic Squall

“Celtic Squall” by Celtic Squall

In this, their first album, Celtic Squall gives an impressive performance. Formed by Heather Greene, and her husband Stu Venable, whose other bands’ (The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Poxy Boggards, respectively) styles didn’t leave them much room to perform small-group traditional Celtic music. Greene [read review…]

“Far and Away” by New Minstrel Revue

Review: “Far and Away” by New Minstrel Revue

New Minstrel Revue has been playing the festival circuit for years. Far and Away is their ‘debut’ album offering. You will find 13 tracks mostly filled with classic songs like “Blackleg Miner”, “Bedlam Boys”, and “The Minguelay Boat Song”. The ubiquitous guitar and harmony of the male [read review…]

“Lonestar Banjos” by Jed Marum

Review: “Lonestar Banjos” by Jed Marum

Lonestar Banjo, strictly speaking, is not what we are conditioned to think of as Celtic music. The album is a banjo themed compilation of music described by CDbaby as “a variety of live and studio recording, Film and TV projects”. Where is the classic Celtic connection? The answer to that [read review…]

“Happy Songs Of Death” by Marc Gunn

Review: “Happy Songs Of Death” by Marc Gunn

This CD appeals to my morbid sense of humor—plus it’s a good time, and just plain funny! “Happy Songs of Death” pokes fun at the seriousness of death through song, and if you want a real chuckle, you should check it out. Fortunately, Gunn is also skilled at arranging [read review…]

“The Bog Bodies and Other Stories: Music For the Guitar” by Gerry O’Beirne

Review: “The Bog Bodies and Other Stories: Music For the Guitar” by Gerry O’Beirne

As beautiful and as breathtaking as the Emerald Isle itself.  Gerry O’Beirne is truly a master guitarist and in his album “The Bog Bodies and Other Stories: Music For the Guitar” we see him at the top of his game.   While many people are put off or [read review…]

Review: “Saints & Sinners” by The Kreellers

Review: “Saints & Sinners” by The Kreellers

If you are looking for something in the Celtic rock genre to add to your collection, you may want to check out The Kreellers latest effort. This five piece band hails from Detroit, Michigan and they pack a lot of energy into their CD, “Saints & Sinners”. Although the traditional sound is [read review…]

“After The Wake” by The John Byrne Band

Review: “After The Wake” by The John Byrne Band

This is really a very unique album. Fans of Celtic music may recognize the name John Byrne from his days with the band Patrick’s Head. Here he has gone out on his own and joined forces with another group of musicians to put together a CD that is both folk and Celtic in nature. I found it [read review…]

“So Far…” by Slip Jig

Review: “So Far…” by Slip Jig

Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, Slip Jig is a band that plays Irish, Scottish and other Celtic music in the traditional style–even if–as they say, they admit to “bending it on occasion”. The band was actually born out of a group that got together to play session tunes, which gives you an idea of what you [read review…]

“Wolves In The Walls” by Ockham’s Razor

Review: “Wolves In The Walls” by Ockham’s Razor

This Seattle-based Celtic band continues to blow me away with its talent. They really are something, and if you haven’t heard them, there is no time like the present to introduce yourself to one of the most talented groups out there these days. Very hard to pin down into just one particular [read review…]

“County Kerry To Kerry Park” by Boston Blackthorne

Review: “County Kerry To Kerry Park” by Boston Blackthorne

Hailing from New England, Boston Blackthorne has put out a winner with its CD, “County Kerry to Kerry Park”. Award-winning songwriters present original music for the lover of traditional Celtic music with a fresh set of eyes (or should I say ears?) and interesting perspective. The [read review…]

“Take Root” by The AM String Band

Review: “Take Root” by The AM String Band

Lively, foot stomping, swinging and just plain fun. That’s what you’ll get from The AM String Band’s album Take Root. This energetic CD is filled with a wonderful collection of traditional and new tunes. Taking a cue from their experience at the Montana Artist Refuge, this trio takes some [read review…]

“Honey And Holy Water” by Oona McOuat

Review: “Honey And Holy Water” by Oona McOuat

Oona McOuat’s music has been referred to as “Eco-Celtic”, which I really liked as a descriptor for her sound. Others might place her in the world music category. A dreamy, yearning sound runs as if an undercurrent throughout much of the CD. The subjects of the songs here seem to have been chosen [read review…]

“American Wake” by Patrick Clifford

Review: “American Wake” by Patrick Clifford

Sometimes you just want a nice, easy album to listen to. One that is pleasant and enjoyable, not jarring. This CD by Patrick Clifford would be one that I would suggest for that type of occasion. While it isn't the type of music you'll go to sleep to, it is the type of sound that will wrap you up in [read review…]

“Elvis Murphy’s Green Suede Shoes” by Black 47

Review: “Elvis Murphy’s Green Suede Shoes” by Black 47

With a title like that, you’re probably expecting rock ‘n’ roll music. In a sense, that’s exactly what you get, but on the other hand, it isn’t. Black 47 deliver a great Irish rock album here, with catchy songs that wouldn’t feel out of place on a mainstream radio station. But [read review…]


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