Best Celtic CDs for July

Once again the Celtic Music CD Store is pleased to bring you more of the Best Celtic CDs for June. All of these albums are by indie Celtic music groups from around the globe and were recently reviewed in the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Together, we are changing the way you hear Celtic music!

Review: “Beneath The Waves” by Songs For Ceilidh

This band has been around since 2005, and is has four members. “Beneath The Waves” combines Celtic influence with American pop/rock sounds for an interesting and unique blend that is all their own. Much of the songs here can be … Continue reading ?

Review: “Grove Lane” by Joe Derrane

Are you a lover of that traditional Irish music sound? If so, “Grove Lane” by Joe Derrane is a must-have album for your collection. Accordion music generally falls into two camps–that which sounds like someone is practicing the same sounds … Continue reading ?


Review: “Bloody Brilliant” by The Malarkeys

How can you not like a CD that begins with a song titled, “Work Is The Curse”? This fun album, titled, “Bloody Brilliant”, offers a great collection of songs. I particularly enjoyed “Banker’s Holiday” and “My Heart’s Delight”, two of … Continue reading ?


“Live At The Nomad” by Angus Mohr

This live concert CD is similar to being in a 31 Flavors ice cream store.  There is something here for everyone. There is a Celtic master mixed blend of original, traditional, and classic songs. Some of the diverse flavors are, Grateful … Continue reading ?

Review: “Beneath The Surface” by Blarney Rebel Band

If you give this CD a listen you’ll feel an honesty and passion for Celtic music that is unmistakable. Tie that together with stellar musicianship and a rollicking good mix of tunes and you have a recipe for a truly … Continue reading ?

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