Best Celtic CDs for April

“American Highlander” by The Rogues

Review: “American Highlander” by The Rogues

The Rogues barely need introduction. Their trademark sound, heavily infused with bagpipes, have made them one of the top Celtic music acts today. And that sound is exactly what you’re going to get on American Highlander. The album gently eases you into that typical Rogues atmosphere with ‘Steam Train’ and ‘Aidan’s Hornpipe’, and then [read review…]

“The Nettles” by The Nettles

Review: “The Nettles” by The Nettles

If you are in the mood for traditional Celtic music that has a touch of modern flavor to it, The Nettles are a good bet for entertaining you with their musical sound. Expertly played instruments make this band an absolute pleasure to listen to, and their rich mix of fiddle, guitar, upright bass and percussion is sure to please even the most [read review…]

“For A Little One I Love” by Sarah Dinan

Review: “For A Little One I Love” by Sarah Dinan

What a cute idea for a CD. Here, Sarah Dinan presents a collection of songs that are sure to entertain and amuse–and if you are a wee one, all the better! You'll hear tracks such as “I'll Tell My Ma” and “You Are My Sunshine” sung with the delicate, beautiful voice that Dinan has. I thought this was a creative idea, after all, what child couldn't [read review…]

“My Irish Home” by Liz Madden

Review: “My Irish Home” by Liz Madden

A classically trained vocalist, singer Liz Madden offers up an eclectic mix of songs and sounds on her CD, “My Irish Home”. Recognizable favorites such as “Danny Boy” and “Greensleeves” are included here, and they are beautiful interpretations. It's fairly rare to hear a version of these tunes that is especially surprising, but Madden's voice [read review…]

“The Long Grazing Acre” by Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan

Review: “The Long Grazing Acre” by Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan

The artistry of Paddy Keenan and Tommy O'Sullivan mix in perfect harmony in their collaborative album, The Long Grazing Acre.  The album kicks off to a smoking start with the set “”The Lost and Found, The Hag at the Churn, The Wind off the Lake.”  The clear, crisp piping of Paddy Keenan is artistically complimented by the guitar of Tommy [read review…]

“A Thousand Reasons Why” by Heidi Jane

Review “A Thousand Reasons Why” by Heidi Jane

The first few tracks on Heidi Jane's CD, A Thousand Reasons Why, make me want to get up and dance. I applaud her for a CD in which all 7 tracks are entirely original music, and her voice is intriguing enough to keep the listener's interest. While it's classified as a “Celtic” CD there's really only a touch of the isles evident; and it is a very [read review…]

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