St. Patrick’s Day Songs from the Irish Channel in New Orleans

Artist: Paddyfingers Celtic Songs
Album: St. Patrick's Day Songs from the Irish Channel in New Orleans

Irish drinking songs from a rockin' St. Patrick's Day party in New Orleans. St Paddy's day fun!

The Irish of New Orleans know how to party. Every year, they gather in the Irish Channel centered around the most-Irish of all places in New Orleans, Parasol's for one awesome St. Patrick's Day block party.

Hundreds of people gather. They don their green hats, some drink beer, the best of them drink Guinness. All of them rocked out in 2010 to the music of Paddyfingers Celtic Songs. They sang along to Irish drinking songs, danced, and screamed. Smiles gifted their faces and joy was in abundance thanks to the fine folks at Parasol's and the music of Paddyfingers.

Paddyfingers Celtic Songs is more than just music. It's a way of life for the Irish in all of us on St. Patrick's Day. So grab a beer and sing with me as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, New Orleans-style.

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Track Listing:

  1. Isn't It Grand? St. Patrick's Day
  2. Beer, Beer Beer
  3. I'll Tell My Ma
  4. Whiskey in the Jar
  5. The Patriot Game
  6. Star of the County Down
  7. Johnny Jump Up (St. Patrick Style)
  8. A Drop of Nelson's Blood and Green Beer
  9. St. Patrick's Day in the Irish Channel
  10. OMG! You Killed Danny Boy!
  11. The New Orleans Foggy Dew
  12. I'll Drink From Dusk Til Dawn
  13. Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits
  14. Wild Mountain Thyme

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