Spotlight on the Great Celtic Woman

With the rise of the Celtic Woman phenomena, there is a growing interest in Celtic music by women. Women have long held a strong place in Celtic culture with deities like Morrigan and the Goddess or Saint Brigid, but the music exemplifies the females.

Women are celebrated in songs like “Green Grow the Rashes” by Robert Burns, “Peggy Gordon“, “Star of the County Down” or “When She Held Me in Her Arms” by Marc Gunn. There are a plethora of great Irish love songs.

However, there are also plethora of amazing Celtic women performers. These have been highlighted by the award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast in two programs.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #18 – Special Feature on Celtic Women

Music from Clandestine, Sarah Dinan, Heather Gilmer, Niamh Parsons, Susan Hamlin, Highland Fling, Heather Dale, Rise, Cady Finlayson, Ali Benson, Paisley Close, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Stonecircle.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #86 – Feature on Celtic Women

Music from The Gothard Sisters, Ciara Considine, Heather Dale, Maidens IV, Linda Connell Studley, Diane Linn, Christiane Cargill Kinney, Anne Roos, Heidi Talbot, Claire Roche, Beth Patterson, Mary Knickle, Cara Dillon, Deep Green Light.

Just the Beginning of Great Celtic Women

These two shows highlight only a small portion of the great female Celtic musicians out there, and these are also dedicated to the independent Celtic women musicians too.

What's the difference?

Have you ever heard about the rock star dream? Most every musician on the planet dreams of being “discovered” by a record label only to find their music pushed to the top of the charts by a lot of money.

Well indie Celtic women have no record label unless they started it themselves. They have limited income. They can't afford a publicist, so they contact radio stations and podcasts themselves if they want to get played. Whereas the Celtic Woman phenomena has horde of publicists and record label support. That's why you hear their name a lot. They are fantastic. But they also have the money to be made fantastic.

The Celtic Music CD Store is dedicated to promoting indie Celtic music. We do not sell CDs by Celtic Woman, instead we sell CDs and promote great Celtic women like Heather Dale, Vicki Swan, The Gothard Sisters, Maidens IV, Cady Finlayson, Beth Patterson, Anne Roos and many more.

We want to invite you to support indie Celtic women. Listen to the podcasts above (it costs nothing to do so). Seek out those artists who deserve your attention. Buy their CDs. And See them Live!

The Celtic Music CD Store is changing the way you hear Celtic music!

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