Celtic CDs for November, Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Celtic Rock, and Contemporary Celtic

“Gleowein” by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

Review: “Gleowein” by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

“Gleowien” is defined on the website of Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer as, in Middle English, “v. to make music, to make merry”. At first the title song seems to remember the first part but not the second, starting off slow and thoughtful. But about halfway through the music is made merry [read review…]

“Celtic Fire” by Maidens IV

Review: “Celtic Fire” by Maidens IV

The four sisters of Maidens IV continue their musical maturation in their latest offering, Celtic Fire.  If you think you know Maidens IV, then get their latest CD and reintroduce yourself.  The opening track features a hard hitting instrumental the girls are known for.  Immediately after however, you [read review…]

“Hybrid Vigor” by Beth Patterson

Review: “Hybrid Vigor” by Beth Patterson

Eclectic. That’s how you might describe this album by Beth Patterson. She drums up the courage to sing in French on only the second track – which is not entirely inappropriate for a Louisiana native – and manages to pull it off. With that test out of the way, it’s easy to continue down the path [read review…]

“Robert Burns Rocks” by Hugh Morrison

Review: “Robert Burns Rocks” by Hugh Morrison

Ahhh Hugh. I have to say, I have a fondness for Hugh Morrison. I’ve listened to many of his CDs now and it’s always a pleasure. I can’t think of anything he’s done I didn’t like–and this is no exception. This CD, “Robert Burns Rocks” is a sort of tribute to one of Scotland’s bards. Here you’ll [read review…]

“The Barleyjuice Irish Collection” by Barleyjuice

Review: “The Barleyjuice Irish Collection” by Barleyjuice

Barleyjuice, self-proclaimed ‘Pan-celtic original rock band from Philadelphia’, have compiled some of their best Irish songs, both traditional and original, on this 2-disc collection. An interesting concept has been used here: the first disc is called ‘A Night at the Pub’, [read review…]

“Unstoppable” by Tartanic

Review: “Unstoppable” by Tartanic

When I read about Tartanic before listening to their CD “Unstoppable”, I assumed they were a group similar to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, a new discovery of mine at the time.  Both bands even perform “Smoke on the Water” in their shows.  It appears I was very wrong … Tartanic, a Houston-based group, has [read review…]

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