Renaissance Festival Podcast Compilation CD

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is a free, bi-monthly, downloadable radio show of Renaissance festival entertainment. It is hosted by Marc Gunn and Kristen Roger, and produced Joe Haydu and Marc Gunn, the show features music and entertainment from around the world.

Now we are proud to announce our latest compilation CD. This album benefits the podcast though a portion of the profits benefit a non-profit organization that will help the faire community as well and as needed.

This compilation is a lot like an episode of the Renaissance Festival Podcast with a fantastic mix of music and comedic faire commercials with our unique podcast touch.

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Here's the complete track listing. Please visit the artists and find out more about the groups who support the Renaissance Festival Podcast.

Track Listing:
1. Fugli, “Crazy Leo's Indulgences”,
2. Bedlam Bards, “Bedlam Boys / Bear Dance”,
3. Bramblebush, “Mary Mac”,
4. Bocca Musica, “Nancy”,
5. Bounding Main, “High Barbaree”,
6. Fugli, “Never Marry a Mermaid”,
7. Tenpenny Travelers, “Dapper Dan”,
8. Minstrel Woode, “Jolly Beggarman”,
9. Brobdingnagian Bards, “Hobbit's Dance”,
10. NeidFyre, “Old Maui”,
11. “Captain Black Jack” Murphy, “The Humours of Whiskey”,
12. Queen's Gambit, “Rocky Road to Dublin / Foxhunter's Jig”,
13. Pirate Comedy Show, “Tourists Promo”,
14. Vince Conaway, “Cantiga”,
15. Marc Gunn, “Finnegan's Wake”,
16. Jesse Linder, “The Leaving of Liverpool”,
17. Marooned, “Spanish Ladies”,
18. Marc Gunn & Lorella Loftus, “PlagueAway: The Pestilence Potion”,
19. Terry Griffith, “For My Grandfathers”,
20. Blackjacks ‘n Blarney, “Old Black Rum”,
21. Thyme Awaye, “Highland Harry”,
22. Seymoure, “The Pudding Song”,
23. Marc Gunn & Lorella Loftus, “The Faire Is Over”,

It album features photography by Chip Talbert, Kimberly Stockton as Elizabeth I and graphic design by the amazing, hard-working and generous, James McDaniel II.

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