The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast began as an extension of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. I was listening to the Celtic Music News Podcast and thought that it might be cool to play some of the free MP3s that I feature each week in the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. But within a few weeks, everything had changed.

I'm not sure if people are just more used to the idea of a radio show, or what. But listeners grasped the idea behind the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast music quicker and easier than they did with my Celtic magazine.

There are enough Celtic radio shows like the Fiona Ritchie's Thistle & Shamrock on NPR (National Public Radio), perhaps, that makes them think of some downloadable radio shows as completely different from free MP3s.

Nevertheless, within a few shows, I found the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast not only easier to compile, but a lot more fun. I played music I loved. I introduced new Celtic music groups. And people seemed much more passionate than they did with the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. If you haven't listened to my Celtic music podcast, check it out:

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Twenty episodes and a year after its inception, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast has risen into the ranks of one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes. Over 15,000 episodes of each show are downloaded, and I get more comments from listeners about how much they love the podcast than I do from any other podcast I do. Heck, I almost wonder if I should ditch some of the others and just do this one.

For now, I continue on with my many podcasts and hope that one day podcasting will climb to all new heights of success online.

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