One Spot On Earth

Artist: Bow Triplets
Album: One Spot on Earth

Expressive Irish Celtic World music from Switzerland. Love Irish music? Singing dogs? Mystical Celtic Romance?


“Bow Triplets” or bowed triplets is the expression for one of the most frequent ornamentation used by Irish fiddlers to add that special and traditional groove and excitement that we know and love with Celtic music. Three very short and fast bow strokes are played instead of one note.

Bow Triplets is also the name of this musical group. The size of the group “Bow Triplets” varies with the theme and type of musical project or performance, from two -up to five musicians total. And instead of playing merely the well known groovy side of the Irish music, the musical friends who form “Bow Triplets” are always aiming at presenting all aspects of Celtic music. Ancient laments are mixed with contemporary compositions, rhythmic instrumental jigs, reels and hornpipes with melancholic magic. The Irish-Celtic music is the cradle of American bluegrass, New Zealand gold mining ballades… yes even Scandinavian folk music cannot deny its Celtic root influence.

Manifold instrumentation, exciting arrangements and much fun while playing music together is what contributes to giving the listening audience that infectious and profoundly intimate concert experience that they would expect from the Bow Triplets.

Track Listing:

  1. Big John McNeal
  2. One Spot on Earth
  3. The Dance of The Honeybee / The Spey
  4. Meghan & Robin
  5. Open Sky / Meghan's Reel / Canal Jig
  6. Cock of The North
  7. The Boys from Blue Hill / Cherish the Ladies
  8. The Lord of the Dance / The Dance of The Lord
  9. Sam's Big Day
  10. Gladan
  11. The Old Girl
  12. Walsh's Hornpipe / The Peacock's Feather
  13. Captain my Captain
  14. Trans Canada Medley
  15. The Tinkerman's Daughter
  16. Miramis

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